Playdate Outfits that Are Perfect For Moms 

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Depending on how old your children are, you’ll already have mastered a few busy mom outfits. But to help you seal the deal for your next play date, we’re sharing a number of tips for your mom’s closet, as well as some outfit ideas to consider. 

Styling tips for busy moms

  • The first thing to remember about styling your closet is to accept the changes in your body post-pregnancy. If you’ve become a mom recently, it can be easy to feel like you need to get back to your pre-baby body instantly. But don’t add all the pressure onto yourself. Your body has been through a lot, and it’s much better to just learn to style your new curves rather than torture yourself with dieting and intensive workouts.
  • To help you feel supported, splashing out on well-fitting underwear is a great idea. Treat yourself to something new and go for a real bra fitting, rather than just winging it. You’ll notice the difference and feel much more confident in yourself. 
  • Think comfy but classy. Whether you’re heading to the office or staying at home, it’s important to find small ways to feel good about yourself while also being comfortable enough to tackle your to-do list. 
  • Adding accessories can seriously help take your old rags to the next level. You’ll feel much more put together after adding a nice necklace or earrings. 

Clothing choices for play dates

1. Cardigans and lightweight jackets

As a mom to babies and toddlers, you’ll have a lot to carry. And that’s before you even think about what you might need. Juice bottles, wipes, nappies, and everything else will be your new bag accessories, so finding a lightweight jacket or cardigan from Vibe Clothing Company will be a lifesaver for playdates.

You never know what the kids will get up to, so if you can make sure you’re prepped rain or shine, you’ll be able to keep the fun going. Cardigans and jackets can be quickly screwed up into a bag or worn around your waist. 

2. Flowy dresses

If you are feeling a little uncomfortable about your new mom’s tum, flowy dresses are the perfect way to feel more confident while covering up all your conscious parts. They also make getting dressed in the morning – and going for toilet breaks with the little ones – that much easier. Just throw it on, and you’re good to go. Check out for some beautifully colorful and stylish choices.

3. Blazers over comfies

Wearing long blazers over joggers and sweaters seems to be an acceptable fashion trend these days – and it’s perfect for playdates. You can wear your usual errands kit and spruce it up with a blazer. 

4. Big, stylish handbags

If you ever needed a reason to treat yourself to a few new handbags, being a mom is your chance. As mentioned above, you’re going to be carrying a lot more stuff. But rather than carrying two bags or using a backpack, big handbags give you the chance to feel sophisticated – even if you do have baby food in your hair from the morning rush.

Managing your wardrobe while also being a mom can be tricky. The important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable with whatever the day might throw at you.

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