Pamper Your Princess with SmitCo Nail Art Set for Girls


My granddaughters, like most girls, love nail art. They are ages 13 and 11 and love to do their nails in cool colors and prints. So, imagine how excited they were to receive this cool Nail Art Set for Girls from SmitCo LLC. This nail set features two individual sets that come complete with over 170 pieces total.

The first set, Nail Patch & Nail Sticker, features 77 pieces, including 54 glow in the dark finger and toe nail stickers, 20 nail patches, 1 top coat nail polish, 1 nail file and 1 manicure stick. The other set, Matching Nail Patches & Toe Nail Stickers, features over 92 pieces, including 20 animal print nail stickers, over 50 toe nail stickers, 1 top coat nail polish, 1 nail file and 1 cuticle stick. Both sets come with complete, easy to follow instructions.

My granddaughters were so excited to try this nail set. The stickers are brightly colored, not a dull color like some nail stickers. The nail stickers were easy to peel off the sheet and simple to apply. My girls spent hours making their nails look beautiful!

At SmitCo you will find an extensive array of fashion jewelry for women, teens, and girls, as well as temporary tattoo kits, non-toxic nail polish and art sets, diaries with locks and keys, party favors and more.

What will you choose from SmitCo for your princess?


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