Need New Glasses for Your Upcoming Classes?

It’s that time, yes you know it, back to school time! By the way, how are your kids’ glasses holding up? I know the budget is probably tight, but I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the affordable selection that offers.

My daughter has been after me to make her an appointment to get her eyes checked. I made the appointment and we went a few weeks ago. Sure enough, her prescription had changed just as she had suspected. 

Talk about timing! We homeschool, so along with typical back to school necessities, I have the expense of curriculum also. saved the day. She picked out the most adorable Bellmore frames in black and they look fabulous on her.

The ordering process was simple. She narrowed her search down to the style of frames she preferred and then made her final decision. I used the information from the glasses prescription the doctor gave us to fill in the details. It took less than 5 minutes and her glasses were on the way.

When the package arrived, it included a nice glasses case, high-quality microfiber lens cleaning cloth, and mini glasses screwdriver for repairs.


  • is owned by two eye doctors and is located in Long Island, NY.
  • Their frames are made in the same factories as designer brands but they don’t put logos on them so they don’t have to pay licensing fees which allows them to save without sacrificing quality.
  • one of few online opticals still operating in the US (lab and customer service)
  • They also sell contact lenses. 
  • They have partnered up with Helen Keller International’s Childsight program and give free glasses to children whose families can’t afford it. 
  • They offer a Customer Rewards program HERE

We are very satisfied with our experience at I think you will be too. Head over to see for yourself what has to offer. You may want to pick up a second pair of glasses, just because you can afford two!

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