Make Your Next Move a Bit Easier

Whether you are getting ready to move, or have a friend or family member who is, it can be a very stressful time for all involved. Packing and cleaning, meeting deadlines and keeping the family on schedule can become a big deal. There are a few do-ahead preparations that can help ease the tension and allow things to go more smoothly.


Moving large furniture is a bulky job and most pieces will need a couple of people to carry. Some items such as pianos or refrigerators require special handling. Padding and tethering certain items properly is critical to keeping them in good condition during a move. If you don’t have an adequate vehicle to loan them in or a half dozen strong friends to lend a helping hand you may want to call one of the helpful and efficient moving companies Hillsborough County FL relies on.


Unpacking can be a lot less stressful when packing is done properly. Carefully arrange different types of articles from the same room into one box, distributing the weight between boxes. Label the box as “living room” or “kitchen” as you go. When unpacking the truck, have people carry the labeled boxes to the appropriate rooms in the new place. That way you only need look in that room rather than sorting through huge piles of boxes to find the item you need.


Everyone will still need to eat, so a week or so ahead of the move prepare a few simple crockpot meals or casseroles and pop them into the freezer. Then on the day they are needed, you can simply place the food in the crock or oven without any fuss or bother. This will make mealtimes go more smoothly and save you the cost of a half dozen pizza deliveries. For lunches and snacks, you can make a variety of sandwiches and have some fruit and granola bars on hand.


Your cherished pets can feel the stress of a move as well and may show their distress by being destructive or nervous. Having their surroundings disrupted and things in an uproar may also cause pets to have physical reactions such as excessive barking or whining, hiding or even leaving smelly messes around the place. You might be wise to consider kenneling your pets for a day or two while the chaos is at its worst.

Put a few of these tips into practice the next time you or someone you know is moving across town or across the country. Moving day may still be crazy, but with the proper preparation you may actually be able to feel the excitement of a new start.

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