Life Insurance: 4 Things to Know Before You Get Started

Life insurance has a number of benefits and can provide for your family after you are gone. However, there still is a lot of confusion about planning for the future.

Decide How Much Coverage You Need

Before you get a policy, you want to determine how much coverage you need. Do this by figuring out how much of your family income you provide and if anyone else depends on you financially. You want to get enough coverage to pay for any effects of an unexpected death, but you still want to be able to afford your policy.

Figure out What Type of Policy Is Best

There are different types of policies for you to consider. Term life insurance will give you insurance for a certain time period. These types of policies won’t build up any cash value. Cash value life insurance can come in different types, including variable, universal, and whole life insurance. These policies build up cash value and will provide coverage permanently, as long as you are paying for your premiums. Since they provide cash value, they can be more expensive. Your choice should depend on needs now and in the future.

Understand Your Renewals

You are able to renew many different term policies for one or more terms, even if your health status as changed. However, each time you renew, your premiums are going to be higher. If you are considering term insurance, then ask what your premiums will be if you renew at the end of the policy. You should also know if you will lose the right to renew the policy at a certain point or age. You should review your policy every few years as needs change. Reviewing your policy doesn’t help you much if you don’t know about your renewals.

Selling Your Policy

It’s possible to sell your life insurance policy, but you will need to find a buyer. It can be difficult to find a buyer so you may have to sell through a settlement company or broker. You may decide to sell your policy if you no longer have dependents who rely on your income, or if there is nobody who could use the death benefit. When you sell your policy, you get a life settlement and you can use the money for anything. Although the money will be less than a death benefit, this means you won’t have to pay the premiums anymore and the money is available now versus later.

Life insurance can help protect your family after you are gone if you figure out the best type of policy and how much coverage you need. If you no longer need coverage, you can also consider selling your policy.

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