Letters From Santa Will Give The Magic of Christmas

Give Your Child The Gift Of Receiving A Personalized Letter From Santa!

My son just turned 5 years old, and this year he is really excited for Santa to come. He seems to be searching for validation that Santa is real because me telling him does not suffice. He asks so many questions about him, especially with each Christmas movie we watch. As a mom, I love seeing the excitement in his eyes when we talk about the magic of Christmas. I wanted to do something special to keep that Christmas magic going for as long as possible.

Letters From Santa is a personalized package you receive for your child including a beautiful letter from Santa, Santa’s flight plan with your location (state and city) showing that you are Santa’s first stop, and an “Official Nice List Certification”. The Nice List Certification is the one thing he is super proud of! Although some days are questionable, it motivates him to behave each day. It arrived in a super festive envelope with his name on it. (note that it does come addressed to your child in the mail, however I covered our address for security purposes.)

About Letters From Santa

Send your child the gift of amazement this Christmas… a Genuine Personalized Package from Santa! Packages From Santa was founded on the belief that EVERY person, young or old, deserves to experience the magic of Santa Claus! As you’ll soon discover, this is no ordinary package, and certainly no ordinary Personalized Letters from Santa! It’s a treasure chest of Santa’s finest work and his best ideas to date.

My Thoughts

Letters From Santa has brought so much joy to my son! When we checked the mail and he saw that bright and jolly letter with his name on it, he couldn’t wait to see what was inside! His eyes lit up and smile went from ear to ear as I read the letter to him. He couldn’t believe Santa knew who he was, and even mentioned his little sister in the letter. We looked at the flight plan together and saw his photo included on the map, showing that Santa was going to stop at our house first on Christmas Eve! He was over the moon when he saw that he had even earned a Nice List certification! It would be an understatement to say that this made my son so happy! Keeping the magic of Santa alive for as long as possible is so important to me. 

Are you a parent of a little one in need of some Santa magic? Letters From Santa is a great way to bring that spirit to life and make your little ones feel extra special! They are only little for a short time, but that short time sure goes by fast. Cherish these years as long as you can, especially the Christmas season. It’s such a special time for you and your children, so make a great memory for both of you with Letter From Santa! They will remember it forever!


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