Learn Fencing Laws With Neighbors 

Fencing is not just for decorative purposes although we all do strive to make them pretty! Fences provide excellent privacy from passers-by, the prying eyes of neighbors and they also create a barrier to prevent stray and unwanted visitors like dogs or cats onto our properties. Fences come in many shapes, sizes and colours but many provide excellent shelter for our properties also – from the weather elements. This type of shelter protects our property structures and can help with their longevity. There is so much choice out there when it comes to fences today, so many colors, sizes, patterns and materials – for many budgets! Did you know though that you do need to be mindful of a few factors when it comes to your fence? 

The guys at Crowe Sawmills have put together this infographic that details everything you didn’t think you needed to know …but do need to know about fencing laws and your neighbours. The graphic goes through fencing height limits, maintenance responsibilities, dealing with fencing issues and ways in which to resolve boundary problems and lots more. Check out the full details below.

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