Keeping Up With Technology: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

Smart home technology is only going to become more common as time progresses, so why not jump on the train now? We’ve gathered up some information on a few easy ways to make your home smarter. Let’s take a look.


First up is Amazon Alexa. The Alexa app can be run on your phone, but you should look into purchasing an Amazon Echo or other device from Amazon that can make your home controls easier to access. Ultimately, Alexa is valued most for its voice-recognition technology that can integrate with many other smart-home features. It’s the backbone of most smart-home convenience technology, and it’s extremely easy to use and set up. Alexa is definitely a great addition to any living room.

Home Security System

Next up is the Home Security System. Smart-home security systems can be as simple as a wifi-enabled camera, but they can be as complex as a fully-automated home defense system with locks and an automated voice that can call the police for you. Home security systems are a great addition for people looking to integrate smart technology into their houses.

Build or Buy a Home Server

Home servers are quite important for many people. They work as a control space for other pieces of technology that aren’t compatible with Alexa, but home servers are perhaps most valued for their flexibility and storage capacity.
Even with the simplest home server, you can download as much video content as you’d like and access it with extremely low latency at any time. They can ultimately save you money on your monthly data bill, and they have the bonus of allowing you to host a website from your own home if you’re so inclined.

Update Your Garage Remote

Garage remote replacement is very likely to make your home safer and easier to live with. Additionally, having a spare remote can come in handy in case your current one gets lost or broken. Some garage remotes are also able to connect to existing smart-home technology that you’re using, so this might be the upgrade for you.

Smart Light Bulbs

This is probably one of the most fun ways to integrate smart-home products into your daily life. Smart light bulbs can be programmed to change colors when you’d like them to, and many of them include Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with Amazon Alexa to make them easier to use. They can also be connected to motion sensors to make the lighting more appropriate according to what you’re doing in the house.

We went over quite a few smart-home options for you already, but that doesn’t mean we covered everything. As research is done into this field, there will definitely be new and exciting developments in the world of smart-home tech in the upcoming months and years.

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  1. So far, I have only installed Alexa, but, I’m thinking of bringing in the smart light bulbs as well. That would be really something!

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