Improve the Employee’s Efficiency with a Good Network Security

To protect the network against theft, misused, or from any unauthorized users, a network security plan is important. This strategy would ensure network security remains intact and thus risk against any compromise with the security of the system is avoided. The organization uses a certain approach which includes coming up with security processes and policies. These techniques would talk about how the organization focuses on meeting the security needs of the system. The security plan however needs to be documented well and should be reviewed occasionally to make sure the entire requirement is met.

The need for a network security plan:

Every company has some confidential information that can be case-sensitive as well. But the risk of hackers and theft is so much that an effective network security plan needs to be well executed. Looking at the hacker’s risk on the internet, there have been many cases coming up where the network has exploited a lot. But with efficient strategy, the infrastructure can be protected against misuse, unauthorized access, and even corporate reputation loss.

Ideas on network security:

  • The very first thing on a network security plan that should be considered is to ensure all the applications are well protected. This means it is important to decide on which all components need the support, security, and implementation of expertise level. Whether it is firewalls, routers, if you make use of a VPN, or endpoint security applications, there are ample sources but which components should be applicable must be decided well.
  • As part of the network security, the model of the business should be first understood thoroughly. It is important to know what the crucial aspects of the organizations are and where the overall revenue gets generated. The leadership executive will offer the details and come up with the business goals that the board of directors must have set. Depending on it, the plan should be created.
  • It is also important to know the resources and systems which will be active on the networks. This information will then be used for conducting the threat assessment. Usually, a third party is involved in such assessment which may take a few weeks depending on the scale of the organization.
  • Once the threat assessment is done it further can be used for upgrading the current version of policy associated with IT security. Every organization as stated earlier shall have a different policy with regards to the use of the mobile device, passwords, and even social media or VPN numbers. Focus on creating a good security first culture and offer some awareness training to the employees that can be helpful.


When it comes to maintenance and governance of the network plan, it can vary as per the organization. For companies from medium to large scale usually have options like direction, security manager, and even the manager for compliance risk who take care of this all. In the case of a small business, an individual shall be hired who will work at the managerial level. It is the job of the manager to make sure that all the security policies are effectively communicated to the end-users.

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