How Your Home is Affecting Your Daily Mood and How to Fix It


If you have been feeling irritable or out of sorts for a while, then the problem may be hitting closer to home than you realize. The truth is that your home environment weighs heavy on the state of your mood. This is a point that is sometimes easy to overlook, because you often just accept what goes on in your home environment as being normal. However, sometimes changing certain factors within your home environment can lift your mood in a significant way. Here are four areas to consider making changes.

Colors Effect Your Mood

The colors that adorn the inside of your home may be bringing your mood down. Sometimes going with brighter colors can help to stimulate a more energetic state of mind. Other times, darker colors can help make a place feel more sophisticated, intimate and grounded. However, there is likely one or two colors that you enjoy seeing. Adding these colors to your home’s color schema in some way can possibly help to lift your daily mood and make you feel more fulfilled when you are at home.

Poor Lighting

Certain homes have this ability to remain dark and dreary on the inside. Unfortunately, your home tends to not have a lot of lighting. This can cause eye strain and headaches that contribute to your experiencing a chronic bad mood. By adding in more lighting and using LED lights, you can chase the dark dreary look of your home away and not have to squint so much to see when you are inside your dwelling.

Too Much Heat

It is the middle of summer, and your house has a knack for holding on to heat. This not only has you sweating a lot, but it makes you feel tired and irritable too. It may be time to check out air conditioners that would be a good fit for your home. By bringing the hot, muggy feeling out of your residence, you will start to be able to create a relaxing daily mood and enjoy yourself at home again.

The Echo 

One thing about your home is that it echoes a lot. This makes your home feel empty and a little lonely at times. To take out some of the echoing in your home, you may want to consider using thicker drapes over your windows. Adding in a rug or some carpeting in certain rooms might help with this problem too.

After making some changes to your environment, your home can bring greater joy and peace. Whether your home makes you feel lonely with its echoing walls, irritable with excessive heat, tired from lack of natural lighting, or you’re just surrounded by the wrong color, a few minor changes can make a big difference in your daily mood.

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  1. This is so true.. Our environment is everything! I think a lot of people overlook this, and how much positive affect a simple reno or even a DIY can impact your life! We had upgrade our kitchen last year and it made our home feel so much better. I feel more abundant simply from having a newer kitchen!

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