How Your Home Can Become Self-Sufficient Enough for a Long-Term Quarantine

Your home can become self-sufficient in the event of a need for a long-term quarantine. The tips to self-sufficiency can be a path toward more economic, efficient living long past the quarantine. However, a concerted effort of planning is necessary.

Create a Plan

Take the time to study your normal lifestyle and daily routine. It is easier to create a long-term plan for quarantine if you know what your needs are and how you can substitute them. For example, long-term quarantine may mean a decrease in the average amount of time spent traveling to and from your place of employment. This is free time that can be used productively to rearrange your usual activities.

Self-Sufficient Home Supplies

Plan for at least 14 days of bottled water, pantry, freezer, and food items. Start by creating a variety of menus. In this way, you will also know the meats, vegetables, and canned goods you will need for your 14-day supply. Keep in mind that you will also need a long-term supply of paper products such as bathroom tissue, paper napkins, and Kleenex tissues. If you prefer to use recyclable items, choose a set of washable kitchen, face towels, hand towels, and linen napkins. These can be washed and dried easily and will save having to purchase paper products. Home laundering may also provide added protection. Stock up on cleaning products and germicides as well as disposable gloves from unigloves. You can make a hand sanitizer from ordinary rubbing alcohol and aloe. For cleaning, purchase products that contain bleach such as cleanser and tile and bowl cleaner. Use the hottest water for dishes and laundry. Restock your first aid kit to include basics like aspirin, rubbing alcohol, and nasal decongestants, as well as daily vitamins and prescription drugs.


In the event, there should be a problem with service from your utilities, be sure to invest in alternatives such as solar panels that provide sufficient energy for heating, cooling, and hot water. If your utilities do not provide sufficient energy, consider purchasing candles and a battery-powered camping heater or portable air conditioner. Investing in your own power source and water purifiers will be something you can use when everything is back to normal, but that will become life savers in case of unexpected natural disasters or another unexpected event.

Things to Do in Long-Term Quarantine

Stock up on reading material and crafts and complete any interior home projects that have been left unfinished. Listen to a favorite audiobook or music if you are bedridden. If you feel well enough to be active, keep the dust levels in your home at a minimum and all countertops sanitized daily. 

Discuss with employers whether you can work from home from your computer. This helps maintain your financial obligations. Having actual work to do from home is a good way to offset the monotony of long-term quarantine. Stay abreast of current news and health resources while in quarantine.

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