How Venetian Polished Plaster Can Be Beneficial For Your House

The use of wall finish is not very new, and it dates back to centuries ago. You might have seen different types of wall treatments like drywall or vinyl before but Venetian polished plaster can be described as the current trend which is enjoying a sweeping popularity. 

The wall finish is made of marble dust and slaked lime which looks stylish and elegant. This type of plaster was very popular in the 16th century across Venice and its surrounding areas in Italy. As you have already guessed, it got its name from there. Venetian polished plaster has become highly popular nowadays and if you are wondering about the benefits of Venetian polished plaster, then you should go through the article.


Maintenance is one of the most concerning factors before getting a wall finish and we must tell the readers that Venetian polished plaster is very easy to maintain.  One can do it on his or his own with a mild soapy detergent and water. The wall finish is made with various pre-mixed pigments and you don’t have to worry about the colors fading in the future. There are many people who end up spending hundreds of dollars for painting however if you decide to opt for Venetian polished plaster, you will neither have to paint it nor spend overwhelmingly on the maintenance. (It feels claustrophobic while reading your article because so many information are rammed in a single sentence without commas or proper punctuations for that matter. Repetition of the same information is also a huge problem. Looks like you just brush your eyes on an article and rephrase blindly) 


In case you are thinking that the wooden surface on the wall would become a barrier for Venetian polished plaster, you are taking it wrong. We must tell the readers that this can be described as one of the most versatile wall treatments and you won’t have any problem while using it. You can use it on your ceiling, wooden surface, exterior wood, drywall, tiles, and cement board or even on the brick wall surfaces.  There are many people who use it on their archways and if you are looking to do the same, this would be the perfect choice for you


Durability is an important thing if you are about to invest in wall treatments and Venetian plaster is one of the best materials available in the market which is praised for its longevity. It prevents the cracks on your walls, and it gives you a rock-like look that makes your wall more attractive. The best thing about Venetian polished plaster is that you can repair it at a cheap cost, and it can endure minor impacts that help it to last longer than any other wall finishes available nowadays. 

Greener Alternative

Man-made pollution has become a major threat for the people and a lot of people are looking for eco –friendly alternatives for a better future. Venetian polished plaster is made from natural ingredients and non- toxic elements which are organic material harvested from nature. We have previously mentioned that Venetian polished plaster is made of various materials and it affects the insulation as well. It can help you to save your energy bills at the end of a month. These advantages led Venetian polished plaster to popularity. It will also improve the performance of your cooling device. We hope this article will help you to purchase the right wall finish next time. 


We hope the readers have got an idea on the key benefits of Venetian polished plaster and now you can help others to learn the benefits easily. You will also find many blogs about DIY techniques that will save your money. In case you want to get the best quality work, we’d suggest the readers to hire professional services to get the best results. Nowadays there are hundreds of service providers and we hope you won’t have any problem to hire the right professionals. 

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