How to Help Your Home Keep You Cool During Record High Heats 

The summer months are here, and for many, it’s not all fun and games. In many parts of the country, temperatures can get not only uncomfortably high but also dangerous. This is why so many homeowners seek ways to ensure that the heat isn’t too overbearing. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to have your home keep you cool during the summer months. Read on to learn further about three of the most effective methods you can start applying today. 

Have Your HVAC System Tested/Cleaned

There’s no doubt about it; a home without air conditioning can quickly begin to heat up. That is why it is so important to have your HVAC system tested before the summer months even begin. You may be telling yourself that you don’t even use it that much outside of simmer. The fact is that even if it’s rarely used, your HVAC system may have been gathering dust and other debris throughout the year. If the system is not cleaned out, it can quickly begin to overheat and eventually break down entirely. The last thing you want is a broken HVAC system and an expensive repair bill. 

Invest in Insulated Curtains

Windows can provide much need natural light to the home, but it can also introduce the largest amount of heat during the summer months. Although shutting your curtains may help a little, most are likely too thin to provide you with adequate protection from the sun. This is why insulated curtains are often the best route to take. Along with natural shading from trees, adding insulated curtains can greatly help in keeping your home cool. 

Limit/Change Your Lighting 

Your home’s lighting can increase the temperature within each room of your home, although this change is slight depending on how many lights you have and how long you leave them on. You may reduce this heat by turning off all lights that are not in use or at least dim the lights. If possible, you may also invest in LED or CFL lighting rather than traditional bulbs, as LED and CFLs do not produce the amount of heat that normal bulbs do. In addition, you may even end up saving money as your monthly utility use will be that much lower. 

The summer months within many areas of the country are no doubt a difficult time. That is why it is highly recommended to begin utilizing the information before summer begins. This may help you find any potential issues with your home before the heat roll sin.

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