How To Help Generation-C Kids Grow Up Through Uncertain Times

Are you wondering what generation-C is? If yes, the answer is plain and simple. Covid-19 babies are soon to be classified into a different generation, given the extraordinary and near-apocalyptic conditions they were born in. Not only were these mini-humans subject to a huge amount of risk, but also they have had a completely different introduction to the planet earth. What we know as kids or what the latest generation knows is a far different version of reality. So, to help new parents make their best of the 2020s, we’re going to help you with tips that truly help. Not only will generation C be raised differently, but they will also see the world differently. These tips will act as building blocks to ensure they have a steady foundation that keeps them connected to the joys of life.

  • Interpersonal connections: If your baby was born in December 2019 or in 2020, the chances are that they haven’t met a lot of people other than those with whom they live. An interpersonal connection gap can impact each child differently. Still, if they’re not acquainted with different people and connections early on, there may be a chance that your child will get anxious in public. To not overwhelm them, you can use the year 2022 to your advantage. While the pandemic effects wear out, you can start taking them for safe walks outside to be around real people and not just the ones across a screen. 
  • Use a lot of development toys: Play is the best way to learn. Children love the stimulus of fun, which is why they tend to grasp things better when it comes to a game. Get them busy with infant development toys, and you’ll see your child develop their cognitive skills. There are many toys that can aid in the growth of mental faculties as well as boost physical coordination. Brom building blocks, color-coded games, animals, fruits, and vegetables, these games are a great way to get them acquainted with the world they live in.
  • Use technology to your advantage: YouTube has amazing free resources for children with poetry, songs, videos, and animations. Since generation-C babies will be reliant on technology more than we were as they grow, it’s good to get them an early start. However, make sure you don’t overexpose them to too much screen time or social media.
  • Introduce them to books early: Getting pictorial and sound-based storybooks is one of the best ways to incite curiosity regarding reading in kids. If you want your child to be an avid reader with critical thinking and creative skills, starting early is the easiest way to go rather than forcing them to read ten pages when they’re older.


Wrapping Up:

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibility, but there are also many resources available to help you navigate this journey. We hope that our tips make 2022 an easier year as parents!


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