How to Create Compelling Email Marketing Campaigns

An effective market strategy is the backbone of your success story. Every company and enterprise have marketing goals. To achieve these plans, there are many tools in the marketing arsenal.

Email marketing campaigns, when well executed, can be an excellent opportunity for you to expand your audience and get more market opportunities.

A well-executed email campaign may be your best bet to improve your brand’s conversation and result in boosted sales. Email marketing also has a high return on marketing investment (ROI). With all these benefits, how do you then execute an effective marketing campaign?

Have Well-Defined Goals

You should have clear expectations of what you intend to achieve using your email marketing campaign. Your objectives may include:

  • To improve your brand’s visibility
  • Increasing your sales
  • To create a relationship with your current customers
  • To reach out to potential new clients
  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Boost your customer’s loyalty to your brand

A marketing strategy has many stages. Well-defined objectives enable you to keep track of your progress. You can also use your goals to ensure you do not lose track of your vision.

Create Your Original Email List

Having your custom-made email list is a crucial pillar to your marketing’s success. Sure, many marketers prefer buying email lists, and this may sound like a shortcut to building up your readership. However, it would be frugal if you did not do this.

A ‘borrowed’ or purchased email list may damage your reputation. Also, there is a high likelihood that your email may end up in your audience’s spam folder. Another disadvantage of purchasing email lists is you may end up with fake email contacts.

When your email ends up in the inbox of an uninterested customer, it will most likely be ignored. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure that your emails end up reaching an interested audience.

You should therefore email those people who have shown an interest in your products. You can create a personal email list by simply creating a ‘subscribe’ option to your website and provide your customers the opportunity to be on your mailing list.

You may also decide to offer your customers something in exchange for email IDs. You have a wide range of products to offer, from webinars, podcasts, and free trials.

Categorize the Email Lists

After creating a sizeable email list, categorize it based on set parameters. The different categories allow you to have an organized, effective, and more relevant email marketing campaign.

You may categorize your email lists based on:

  • Demographics including location(state), employment type, gender
  • The user’s engagement and behavioral patterns
  • The user’s buying frequency and patterns

You can easily tailor your emails to suit each category and match the need of each demographic. Categorization allows you to avoid sending generic emails and instead create a personal touch for each of your emails.

To be sure that your campaign is effective, you may need to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign. You may also want to automate the sending rate of your marketing emails.

A drip campaign makes your personalized email campaign much easier by allowing you to perform numerous tasks on your email marketing journey efficiently.

Design Compelling and Enticing Subject Lines

Your choice of subject lines is vital in determining whether your audience reads your message or not. In most instances, your subject line determines whether your email is opened or not.

An enticing subject line allows you to arouse some curiosity in your audience and make the customer interested.

There is no fixed formula for designing a captivating subject line. Some ways to pique interest involve using the recipient’s name and including your latest promotional offers for specific purchases.

Other general tips that you may need include:

  • Use short subject lines
  • Refrain from incorporating spammy phrases like ‘earn money’ or ‘free.’ Such phrases may land your email in their spam 
  • Try to frame your subject line in a friendly and conversational manner

The Tone of Your Message and Your Timing

You have successfully piqued the interest of your customer. How then do you ensure that you maintain the interest and end up with a purchase?

Your content should be crafted so that it resonates and remains true to your brand. Consider adding call to action buttons. Timing is also vital.

Whereas there is no perfect time, you may opt to have specific themed promotional sales or holiday-themed results. Your timing can significantly impact your marketing strategy.

Email marketing campaigns have been shown to boost sales. Well-crafted email campaigns are a necessity for all enterprises with a far-reaching marketing strategy.

It would be commendable if you offer your customers the option to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Try to personalize every email to boost your readership.


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