How To Choose The Best Freestanding Bath For Your Bathroom

In the last few decades, bathroom fixtures have evolved a lot – and have become the central attractions of bathrooms from being just functional fixtures. Freestanding baths are one type of fixture that save space and come with various benefits for customers. These owe their name to the fact that these have finish from every side and are capable of standing alone. These types of tubs stand apart from the rest of the bathroom, with not a single aspect matching. There is no warmer feeling that to sink into a freestanding bath with it shower heads and taps to make an additional decorative sense.

Enhance the interior decoration of your bath area manifold with a freestanding unit

1. Weight

The weight is a top factor to consider. Baths, particularly freestanding baths, become heavier when they are filled with water along with your body. Make sure that your choice is aesthetic and also capable of withstanding pressure, unless you are ready to have your bathroom sustain some serious damages to the structure. Depending on a small or a large bathroom space, you can choose a freestanding bath unit and you can choose from double ended, oval-shaped and also luxury bath with shower mixer for an additional relaxation experience.

2. Location

You can place freestanding baths in any room, even in the middle of your bathroom, if you wish. These have an all-sided finish. You have to consider where your tub will be placed in.  However, if you have a smaller bathroom, you need to consider this a little. You can place your bathtub in a spot with sufficient space on both sides for you to keep a laundry basket or stack toiletry items, such as:

  • Conditioner
  • Shampoos
  • Soaps

3. Size

Freestanding baths take up more amount of space as compared to built-in tubs, because of the faucet constraints and the space needed all about the tub itself. You have to choose a bath that fits your bathroom, and is of appropriate size for the space. Place it in a perfect spot. These baths look best when they are given enough breathing space. Make sure that there is sufficient space on either side, so that your bathroom does not look cramped. Style Freestanding baths make good fashionable pieces in any type of room. However, the type of statement that you make is based on the kind of style that you choose. You have to put some careful thought into what kind of style you want for your bathroom – traditional or contemporary. In case you want anything contemporary, you might like to choose a tub having a sophisticated metallic finish. You may also go for a custom paint job that matches the overall decor of your bathroom.

4. Cost

It is completely based on what kind of design the bathtub has, and the materials chosen for the faucet and the tub. In the past, freestanding baths have been quite a high-ticket option. However, these have become more economical to buy in the recent years. The freestanding tub, on the other hand, does not need any extra surround. For freestanding tubs, plumbing can be costlier as the plumbing can move and is tougher to conceal as compared to plumbing for tubs that are built-in. If you choose a freestanding bath made of ceramic or stone, the cost can be higher. Also, you need to maintain the ceramic and stone baths properly to avoid scaling and discoloration of any kind.

You can now choose freestanding baths from major online portals. You can filter your search based upon the material, price, size, colour and other parameters that will make your selection easy.

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