How To Build Your Custom Home

If you aren’t finding what you are looking for in an existing home, you may choose to buy land and build your own custom home. When you begin to build your home, you may have a ton of ideas and questions. Use these helpful tips to decide how to get started and better understand what is required when building a home.

Set a Budget

Decide how much money you have available to spend on your home. The custom home building process can be lengthy and expensive especially when you are starting from scratch. You must account for the price of the lot you are buying and for the preparations required depending on the condition it’s in. Estimate permit fees, taxes, and the cost of building your home. Consider the cost of designing, engineering, construction, and landscaping. Look into energy-efficient utilities and smart technology for your home to save money and become more eco-friendly. Making your home energy efficient is not only cost-effective and better for the environment, but requires less upkeep over the years. Once your home is built, don’t forget to add in the costs involved with interior decoration and furniture.

Build Your Team

You will need to work with reliable professionals who have experience building custom homes. Start by finding a builder who understands your vision and can offer guidance along the way. Your builder will not only coordinate the building of your home and install its parts but will also work with your bank or mortgage company to obtain your certificate of occupancy. If your city requires proof that your land is safe to build on, you can hire a land surveyor to conduct a topographical survey. You may also hire an architect to draft designs and floor plans following your needs and budget. Your architect can help you decide between materials and make functional choices for your home. In addition, you may choose to hire an interior designer to help decorate the inside of your home.

Create a Floor Plan

Visualize how you see your finished dream home. Try to imagine walking through each room. As you visualize you can ask yourself what the layout looks like, how much space you have, how many stairs there are, and more. Draw out what you see and make a list of design features most important to you. You might want a large backyard or a comfortable front porch. Decide if you want an island in your kitchen and what type of appliances you want. Think about your current space and what changes you would like to make. If you have a lot of stuff you can think about adding storage or building an attic. Envision how many windows you see in your new home and how you want to decorate each room Once you have a basic floor plan, you can discuss it with your builder to determine what is possible and within budget.  

Building your custom dream home can be a long, worthwhile process. With the right amount of planning, teamwork, and preparation, you can ensure your custom home is built to perfection.

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