How to Best Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor space is something everyone enjoys, especially when the temperatures heat up, and you can take advantage of the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Your outdoor furniture can play a major factor in how you relax and spend time on your patio, deck, courtyard, poolside, or lawn. However, the elements can damage, weather, or even ruin your favorite furniture pieces unless you take some necessary safeguards.

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Martha’s Giving Advice

It doesn’t matter if your patio furniture is made of wood, wicker, metal, or plastic, for example. All pieces that are outdoor-suited require proper cleaning. Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions if you have them so that you’re not using cleaning formulas that could damage the integrity of these pieces.

Lifestyle icon Martha Stewart has some advice for outdoor furniture maintenance. Cleaning your chairs, tables, couches, etc. is a must-do, and you can begin with a broom. Perform a light cleaning with a soft-bristled brush or broom, and rinse with water.

Martha also shares her recipe for a general gentle cleanser. All you need is 1/4 cup of mild dishwashing liquid. Add that to a gallon of warm water. Then, dip a sponge or brush into the bucket and wash down your outdoor pieces. Rinse them off, and apply a lint-free cloth to dry your furniture.

Going Mold-Free

Mildew, which is a form of mold, can creep onto your outdoor space and linger on your furniture. To remove it from your cushions, the experts recommend mixing 1/2 cup of bleach into a gallon of water. Use a spray bottle to apply the mixture, and then, clean the mildew off of the cushions with a scrub brush. Others prefer to use white vinegar blended with water and spritzed onto the cushions.

You can also get rid of stubborn mold spots on your furniture surfaces by carefully scrubbing or sanding the areas lightly. Always wear gloves to protect your hands. Monthly cleaning is advised.

Refreshing With Paint

Many people reach for the can of spray paint when they want to keep their outdoor furniture looking new and fresh.

Home decor professionals say that spray paint is excellent for pieces that are made with wood, metal, or wicker. Go for at least two coats. Best of all, you don’t need to apply a primer.

If your furniture is made of plastic, you can purchase spray paint that is specifically developed to work with plastic material.

The only thing here is the weather. The best time to paint your outdoor furniture is during autumn or winter when you’re not using the furniture.

Covering Up For Protection

You can do all the cleaning, painting, and repairs that you want to your favorite outdoor pieces, but if you don’t offer that essential layer of protection, then it won’t allow your furniture to last.

Covering your furniture with high-quality custom tarps can stand up to anything Mother Nature sends your way. You can have these covers made in your choice of material and weight and in the specific dimensions that will cover and secure all of your outdoor furniture and keep it clean and dry when not in use.

Rain and snow can rust furniture, but even blowing leaves and other debris can cause your furniture to decompose, leaving nasty stains and damaging the material.

Whether it’s vinyl, canvas, poly, nylon, or mesh, there is a protective cover out there that can handle the elements and the harshness of the sun’s rays.

Making Small Repairs

It’s a good idea to check your outdoor furniture to make sure that these pieces aren’t falling apart or dangerous to use, sit on, etc.

When it comes to a set made of wood, which is quite popular, it can become weather-worn over time. You could use a putty knife to apply wood filler to repair cracks and holes, for instance. After the repairs dry, sand the patches down flush with the original piece. Then, you can spray paint, stain, or prime and paint.

Closing Thought

You’ve made a nice backyard oasis for relaxing and entertaining. Now, it’s important to maintain that beautiful, outdoor furniture. These expert tips will keep your favorite pieces looking clean and new.

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