Comfortable and Resistant Materials in Outdoor Furniture

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When choosing your garden furniture, learn about the materials in outdoor furniture since its quality and durability will depend on this. Choosing outdoor lounges made with resistant and comfortable materials will bring you many benefits, because not only will you feel comfortable having a beautiful decoration in your space, but you will also save money since, thanks to its durability, you will not have to invest again in the short term. To make this decision easier for you, this article shares several comfortable and resistant materials in outdoor garden furniture.

Comfortable and resistant materials in outdoor furniture

  • Teak wood
  • Polywood
  • Rattan
  • Textilene
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Polyester
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Teak wood

It is known as the Queen of the Woods for its stability, durability, and high resistance since it does not crack or rot and is even resistant to some acids and the action of fungi. In addition, it does not spoil when in contact with metals, and, thanks to the natural oil that makes it waterproof, it is highly resistant to water.

Due to all these attributes, this material is widely used in products that are placed outdoors, highlighting teak garden furniture since this wood adapts perfectly to extreme climatic conditions. As if this were not enough, teak wood has a very aesthetic appearance, it is normally an intense golden brown color but it has variations that go from reddish to pale tones; although treatments or paints can also be applied to change its color without losing its appearance. So when you are looking for outdoor lounges, choose those that are made with teak wood, since your investment will be worth it and your furniture will always look spectacular, as the appearance of this material improves over the years.


If you want to buy plastic outdoor furniture, it is recommended Polywood because it is a sustainable material made up of 90 percent recycled materials (milk containers, detergent, water bottles, and other post-consumer and industrial waste). Its finish and texture are very similar to that of wood but it does not require the care that it needs. Its longevity and the low maintenance required to make furniture made of this material ideal for outdoor decoration.

Other of its advantages are:

  • Does not swell
  • Does not rot
  • It does not deform due to humidity and climatic changes
  • It is resistant to rain, salt water, and damage caused by pests, including termites and other insects.

That is why outdoor furniture made with this material can be left in the open without being damaged and you will only have to clean it with a little soap and water from time to time. Its designs are attractive and ergonomic, so Polywood furniture is undoubtedly solid and, above all, very comfortable because it adapts to the physiological characteristics of each person. There are several designs of outdoor furniture made with this material and, like those made with teak wood, you can paint or stain them to obtain the finish you prefer.

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Due to its versatility, aesthetics, and resistance, Rattan is a type of root that is widely used in the manufacture of furniture for outdoor terraces; from day beds to sofa sets, loungers to dining sets, and more, there is something for everyone. What’s more, a quick search for “garden furniture sale” in your area will help you find just what you are looking for at a great price too! However, you should know that there are natural and synthetic Rattan, the latter being more recommended when buying garden or terrace furniture. Synthetic rattan is usually woven on an aluminum structure (or another material resistant to the outside), to form a piece of garden furniture much more resistant to the outside than natural rattan.

The rattan furniture for outdoor use is of very good quality because it withstands extreme temperatures and do not crack or become damaged by saltwater. In addition, they do not require much maintenance and are flexible and lightweight. Simply washing them off with water will make them shiny again. As for aesthetics, take a look at the selection of Rattan at Chimes Home & Garden Rattan Furniture to see a variety of styles including dining, sofa, and fire pit sets. 


It is a very resistant vinyl mesh, which can be found in different colors because it is specifically designed for the use of furniture that complements the decoration of outdoor gardens. It is resistant to various factors that usually affect outdoor furniture such as:

  • UV rays
  • Water
  • Changes in temperature
  • Humidity

Due to these characteristics, it is used in the manufacture of seats and backrests, because thanks to its resistance, furniture such as chairs and tables can remain outside without loosening or staining this material. Textilene is one of the best choices for outdoor furniture is very elegant and flexible and will make your guests find comfort in your furniture that they do not have at home.

Anodized aluminum

It is characterized by its excellent resistance to chemical agents, hardness, and lightness; one of the biggest advantages that you will have if you buy anodized aluminum furniture because you can easily move your furniture and store it without problem when necessary. In addition to being resistant to inclement weather, they are a decorative element that you can find in various styles, designs, colors, and models so that you can choose the ones you like the most.

If what worries you is the comfort of your guests when you have a meeting, I assure you that with this furniture they will feel very comfortable because this material heats up much less than others; so no matter if it’s hot, everyone will have a great time at your party. If you are looking for an excellent outdoor material that is comfortable, spacious, lightweight, and maintenance-free? Remarkable Furniture has the selection and the prices you will love.

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It is a synthetic fiber widely used in the textile industry as it has great benefits, often little known by users. As for outdoor furniture, polyester is a material that is used in the cushioning that accompanies garden or terrace rooms thanks to the advantages it has such as:

  • It is not deformed. It has a resilience that other natural fibers do not have. It won’t wrinkle, stretch, or shrink; always keeps its original shape.
  • It can be combined with other materials. Its versatility will allow you to combine this material with rayon, cotton, wool, nylon, or viscose.
  • Is light. Despite being lightweight, it is a very strong and durable material.
  • It absorbs little moisture. Thanks to this, it repels fungi, mold, and bacteria, thus avoiding the generation of bad odors.
  • Better absorbs inks. Polyester items tend to have brighter and more durable colors and patterns than other materials.

Once you determine the style you prefer, simply do an internet search and view your options before heading out to the stores. It will save you a lot of time and you may be surprised to find a better deal online than in the store.


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