Hints for Smooth Shipping to the United Kingdom

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Meest America has been rocking the global market for 25 years, providing Americans with worldwide package delivery. They keep leveling up their service with fresh options, like the Meest Portal, where you can sort out your shipments and pay online. But when shipping to United Kingdom, there are some extra rules to remember. Check out our tips for hassle-free shipping!

How to Get Your Package Ready for Shipping to United Kingdom?

There are usually several ways to send stuff abroad in the USA, so you must pick the one that works best for you. You can swing the box by a Meest Agent’s office or just hand it off to FedEx or UPS.

Either way, make sure your package is packed tightly. Keeping the stuff inside safe and having room for a label with the address must be tough. Every package is automatically insured for $60. If you need more coverage, just ask your agent!

How to Fill Out a Customs Declaration Form

Even the cheapest shipping from USA to UK requires a completed CN 23 declaration form. If you opt for the drop-off method to send your parcel, carefully fill out every line of the form. It’s crucial to specify what you’re sending and how much of it. Avoid using broad categories and be specific — if it’s clothing, mention whether it’s shirts or trousers.

What Items You Can’t Send Abroad

When it comes to international shipping, the rules are standard. You can ship personal items, clothes, gear, and even food if it’s in its original packaging. But there are some things Meest can’t deliver by air. It’s essential to know this list beforehand to avoid any customs issues.

Check to see if your parcel contains any of these items:

  • Food items that need special storage.
  • Cash.
  • Medications or illegal drugs.
  • Explosive stuff.
  • Weapons.
  • Documents.
  • Antiques.

For the complete list of prohibited items, head over to https://us.meest.com/services/service/delivery-to-united-kingdom.us.meest.com.

Why Americans Choose Meest for Shipping Worldwide?

There are many reasons why clients trust Meest’s precious packages. Let’s name a few of them:

  • 25+ Years of Company Experience: Meest isn’t just about shipping stuff – they’ve been dominating the transportation scene for 25 years in the USA and 30 years globally, handling deliveries and cargo shipments all over the globe.
  • Low US to UK Shipping Cost: Because Meest teams up with local delivery services, they can offer budget-friendly postage rates to England from USA.
  • Rock-Solid Reliability: Meest-America takes the safety of your shipments seriously. They’ve got your back with free insurance on every parcel, top-notch packaging, and parcel tracking.

Join the growing number of Americans who rely on Meest for hassle-free international shipping!

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