Heart of the Home: How to Find the Perfect Memory Making House

Contributed by Meghan Belnap

When you tour new homes in search of the perfect place to settle down in with your family, you may envision what life may be like in each space. Your previous home may be filled with wonderful memories, such as bringing your children home from the hospital as infants, celebrating holidays and more. You can expect to make just as many new memories in your next home. Finding a home that is well-suited for making memories is easy to do when you understand what you are looking for.

Focus on the Kitchen

The kitchen is well-known as the heart of the home, but not all kitchens are ideal for memory-making. Look for a kitchen that has a large island or bar-style seating. This will give your family a place to gather around while you or others are cooking. You may prefer a kitchen that is open to dining and living spaces as well. This creates a sense of unity as opposed to an isolated ambiance in the home.

Think about Gathering Spaces

While the kitchen is one gathering space inside the home, others include the living and family rooms, a game room, a media room and more. Consider how many people you may have gathered in your home at different times, such as for holidays or birthday parties. These spaces should be large enough to accommodate a typical gathering.

Remember Outdoor Entertaining Areas

You do not need to stay cooped up indoors when the weather outside is gorgeous. Outdoor entertaining areas may be a focal point if you are moving to an area that has a typically beautiful climate. This could be a large patio area with comfortable seating, a swimming pool, a fire pit or other features that are ideal for entertaining.

Stay within Your Budget

Being cash poor by purchasing a home that is larger and more opulent than you can afford may limit your ability to entertain others. After all, you need funds to pay for food, decorations and more when you entertain regularly. Staying within your budget means that you make a reasonable down payment and that you set up monthly mortgage payments that are affordable.

After you decide to relocate, you need to consider how you live and how you plan to use the home. Hiring a professional moving company such as Wheaton World Wide Moving will create more time for your focus on the layout you desire.  A home is a place where wonderful memories are made, but some homes are better suited for memory-making than others. Focus on your fondest memories of your current home, and find a home that can accommodate those types of special events.

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