Garden Fire Pit – Perfect Way to Add Comfort to The Outdoors of Your Home

The concept of outdoor fire has always been a hit. Fire pits are an excellent way to ward off the chilling cold during the winter season. It also entitles you to warm up yourselves on a summer night. A fire pit also helps in establishing a social ambiance with your friends and family.

Here Are A Few Steps to Create Your Own Garden Fire Pit

Plan the Fire Pit Design: A garden fire pit is not only a practical invention but is also a stylish landscaping feature. It is available in a myriad of different models and styles. They are very functional and creates an outdoor gathering space full of fun. A fire pit should be built on a flat, leveled area at a distance of at least 25 feet from a tree or a house.  However, before setting up a garden fire pit, be informed about the local building codes as fire pits are strictly governed by these codes. Always remember that safety is the first and foremost thing to be considered.

Start Digging: Mark a circle at the center of the fire pit location with a stone hammer. This would guide you throughout the entire project. After marking, dig out the area inside the marked circle to a depth of about 10 – 15 cm using your shovels.

Mix the Concrete And Lay The Foundation: By making use of the mixing hoe, mix the concrete for constructing the footing. Add water slowly until the mixture becomes soft like peanut butter. After this, spread the concrete in the outer circle with the help of a mud shovel. Leave the center area free of concrete to allow proper drainage. Spread the concrete with the help of an iron rake until the concrete is about 4 cm below ground level. Then, smooth down the concrete with a trowel.

Build the Outer Wall: As the foundation of your garden fire pit is set, you can now lay the stones. Mix mortar and then move about 5 cm of it on top of the concrete base.  f you are using natural stones, mix up their sizes and colors. Choose those stones which are attractive and match the slight curve of your outline. As soon as the first few levels of stone begins to form a shape along the outer edge of your fire pit, start laying fire bricks to form the inner wall of the structure.

Build the Inner Brick Wall: Level each brick. Remove all the excess and fill the gaps in between with wet mortar. Measure the inner and outer edges in order to maintain the thickness and circular shape of the wall. Continue the process of raising the bricks and the stones simultaneously, filling in gaps in between with stones and mortar as the wall grows.

Add the Finishing Touches: Now as the fundamental structure of your garden fire pit is complete, you can now concentrate your focus on a few finishing touches for enhancing its aesthetic quality. For this, you can paint the exterior of the stones. You can use a standard paintbrush for this purpose. To remove any leftover mortar, you can lightly spray with a garden hose. To give a uniform finish to the fire bricks inside the structure, you can use a uniform finish spray to paint the bricks black using high-heat stove paint. Finally, fill up the pit with a base layer of river rocks and enjoy showing off this self-made garden fire pit to your friends, family and neighbors.

Now as your garden fire pit is ready, you can now start embarking on long enchanting conversations with your friends along with some melted marshmallows and a bottle of Merlot by the garden fire pits.


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