Gaming Apps that Offer the Best Experience to Users

As the world changes, we are experiencing a digital revolution backed by robust technologies and integrated electronic gadgets. A decade back, who would have thought that gaming apps would contribute about 20% of world economies, but now the gaming industry is creating millions of jobs for aspiring tech geeks and encouraging the youth to explore the era of e-gamming and digital gaming platforms. Gaming apps not just only spend your free time but also reactivates your brain cells.  

Individuals require a significant amount of game time to explore the animated and digitalized world, which is yet to be discovered and made more user-friendly. According to the statistics led by Increditools in 2020, about every individual across the US has multiple gaming applications in their smartphones and tablets, which they access during free time. According to the reports of 2020, the gaming industry made about $155 billion in revenue, making tech jobs and resources easily accessible to all. 

With time, the gaming industry has delivered according to the needs and aspirations of younger generations, those who spend most of their time on smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. As an avid gamer, every individual loves to stay updated with time and experience playing the most popular and interactive games online. Continue reading to find about 10 gaming applications that offer the best gaming experience to the users. For example, those who love fishing are now able to play big bass splash for free and experience the thrill of the catch from the comfort of your own home.

Continue reading to find about 10 gaming applications that offer the best gaming experience to the users.

1. PUBG Mobile 

Since its launch in 2018, PUBG Mobile has attracted millions of users from around the globe, who love interacting with their friends over coms and hunting down their enemies. The first basic version of PUBG Mobile was launched in the early 2017s, and then the updates kept users interested in various ammunitions, maps, skins, payouts, and much more. If you haven’t played PUBG Mobile yet, you are definitely missing out on something revolutionary that influenced 90% of the world’s gamers and avid smartphone users. 

2. 9 Ball Pool 

Be it a tough office day or a relaxing day off, one can always tap onto the 9 Ball Pool application and enjoy a hands-on experience of playing pool on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops. 9 Ball Pool by Unlimited Gamez Mo – Social Media is a modified version of 8 Ball Pool which can be accessed anytime via a stable internet connection. While playing online pool, users always find table skins, colors, and overall graphics digitally attractive, presenting real-life gameplay. Pool games help online players improve their hand-eye coordination and focus on using their fingertips and pressure sensors to their best advantage.  

3. Call of Duty (COD)

Call of Duty offers a realistic gameplay experience for determined gamers who love getting involved in action and adventure. Call of Duty was initially designed for consoles like XBOX 360 and Playstation, but in 2018 was also developed for smartphones and tablets as well. Call of Duty (COD) provides an engaging and user-friendly experience to online gamers who coordinate their plan of action and defeat enemies in the battle royale. While playing COD, users can communicate with their partners and use various delusional tricks and superpowers to win them matches.

4. Pokemon Go

Over the past two decades, Pokemon has impacted the lives of many youngsters and college-going teenagers who are fascinated by collecting and trading various fictional characters. Pokemon Go wasn’t the first game that tracked your movement via GPS, but it certainly was a trendsetter for upcoming games that required geo-tagging encryptions. Pokemon Go wasn’t just limited to having clashes and battles with other players who had compatible characters or Pokemons with higher or the same energy levels. It was a part of the players’ life; as they moved to different places and wandered the streets, they would find new friends and real-life players who loved playing Pokemon Go and interacting with other beings. 

5. Sonic Forces

Sonic games have always produced an Anderaline rush in determining online gamers who love playing animated games. The next sequel of Sonic Forces is Sonic Frontiers, which will soon be in the market for online gameplay and on Playstation 4. In pursuit of eliminating the dominance of Doctor Eggman in Sonic Forces, gamers apply the best of their abilities and get themselves on the mission of securing through various hurdles and tasks. 

6. Bubble Shooter

Games like Bubble Shooter always remain underrated as many players and online gamers do not talk about them on social media forums and blogs. Bubble Shooter is a refreshing game of its own kind, where a player has to analyze the orientation of bubbles and then plan to release the next bubble in the right direction. Bubble shooting games are thoroughly enjoyed by small children who love playing games on their mom’s fancy smartphones and tablets. With time, many new versions of bubble shooting games can be found on App and Google Store. 

7. Candy Crush Saga 

Candy Crush was developed in the early 2010s when the world was shifting towards producing action and adventure games. Candy Crush Saga became popular when it started ranking players in their top-tier lists after connecting his account with Facebook. To play Candy Crush, a player has to possess great control over his aspirations and temporary rewards, as tempting unicorns and jellies are yet to be made over time. Candy Crush Saga achieved over 100 million downloads across the globe, entitling itself to the world’s topmost downloaded games. 

8. American Snipper 

American Sniper developed the concept of using sniper in action and strategy-based games. Individuals who loved aiming at their targets and using gun recoil to their advantage played American Snipper and its updated versions. With the passage of levels and missions, the users would continuously develop a keen interest in figuring out what missions are next in line and who to take a successful shot. Many YouTube tutorials can be found regarding a few missions of American Snipper.

9. Online Digital Slots Game 

Thanks to digital media and the internet, one can enjoy casino games on their smartphone and tablet screens. Avid gamblers who love staying in bed all day and playing slot games are constantly scrolling through various free and paid slot games available on Google Play and App Store. Many seasoned gamblers and gamers with lucrative winning odds and a more than 90% success rate have certainly influenced online slot games. Online gamers always enjoy placing high bets on their luck, whether it be cards or slot games.

10. GTA V

There won’t be a single individual who hasn’t played GTA games in his childhood. GTA Vice City and San Andreas were among the most bought games online. With robust gaming systems and consoles getting readily available in the market, many online gamers loved playing GTA V online with their friends and families. With in-depth action, strategy thinking, real game time tactics, and everything else, GTA V certainly raised the level of the online gaming industry. If you haven’t bought GTA V online, it’s time that you experience the real definition of holistic gaming. 

Final Word!

Be it action, arcade, puzzle, strategy building, simulation, or sports, games would always be an integral part of one’s daily routine. Playing highly functional and engaging games not only refreshes one’s mind but also improves their reflexes and thinking ability. Playing high-intensity games help people achieve mental and emotional stability as they prepare their mind to absorb pressure and react according to the situation. 

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