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As a mom of two children, ages 2 and 4, I am always trying to find ways to bond and learn with them at home. They attend baptist preschool during the school year, but over the summer I want to prepare them for the next stage in their learning. My daughter will be in 3k and my son will be in 4k this coming fall, so there is so much fun learning to be had! Finding something that was fun and encouraging was what I was on a mission for!

Teach My is a learning kit system designed for the parent and child to bond each day. It includes everything from basics that breaks down into sections like printing, math, reading, and numbers. This screen-free learning is so much fun, your child won’t even realize they’re learning!


Teach My Preschooler

This kit has been such a fun addition to our daily routine! My kids love the foam numbers and the flash cards with the train! We spend just 20 minutes a day and my children have been learning so much! My daughter was having trouble counting, but now she can count higher and higher each day! My son was having trouble with letter recognition, but he is able to write letter and knows their sound! 

Teach My Preschooler is the multi award-winning all-in-one learning kit for preschoolers age 3 years+. Screen-free, the kit has everything for encouraging reading for kids and teaching preschoolers the basics. Teach My Preschooler is divided into four sections: Reading, Printing, Numbers to 100, Adding and Subtracting. Developed with education consultant, Judith Rowlands, M Ed., Teach My Preschooler is designed to give preschoolers an early head start, develop fine motor skills, encourage parent-child interaction and increase school readiness skills.

The Deluxe Kit Contains:

  • Reading Learning Set
  • Printing Learning Set
  • Numbers to 100 Learning Set
  • Math Learning Set


  • 10 Readers
  • 60 Flashcards
  • 1 Flashcard Reward Tin
  • 1 Magic Drawing Board
  • 72 Print Transparencies & Printing Guide
  • 101 Train Flashcards
  • 2 Posters
  • 1 Add/Subtract Flip-Books
  • Foam Numbers, Counters and Equation Signs
  • Teaching Guide
  • Storage case

Teach My Kindergartener

Even though my son doesn’t start kindergarten until next fall, there no reason we can’t be well prepared for it! His favorite part of this kit is the play money and he’s so intrigued with learning how to tell time. We have a lot of fun with kit because he loves to be challenged. I am so confident that he will impress his teachers on his first day of kindergarten. I know when my daughter is ready for this kit, she will thrive as well!

Teach My Kindergartener is our newest all-in-one learning kit designed for ages 4+. The kit contains unique and coordinated tools to teach spelling, money, telling time and the year. Your kindergartener can master 100 spelling words, counting money, analog and digital time as well as days of the week, months of the year, dates, years, weather and seasons. Each set in the kit is fully coordinated to encourage matching and repetition. Teach My Kindergartener is designed to be screen-free, one-on-one learning time. The kit aims to promote school readiness and a head start for kindergarten, in just 20 minutes a day.

The Deluxe Kit Contains:

  • Spelling Learning Set
  • Money Learning Set
  • The Time Learning Set
  • The Year Learning Set


  • 52 Double-Sided Spelling flashcards (100 Words)
  • 52 Magnetic letter tiles
  • Wipe-off spelling board
  • Wallet & play money
  • Money flashcards
  • Wipe-off analog clock
  • Digital time maker
  • Wipe-off time book
  • Date maker
  • 70 Date, weather & season cards
  • Wipe-off calendar book
  • Teaching guide
  • Storage case

Teach My Learning On The Go

We travel a few times a year to visit family and we go on long road trips. Instead of flooding their brains with electronics the entire time, I love to bring along our Learning On The Go kit! It teachers numbers, ABC’s, shapes, colors, and word building. It’s a great way for them to have fun and learning at the same time. They love the dry-erase magnetic board, which keeps everything right in their lap while playing. I love that it’s a carry case, which makes it easy to travel with. 

Teach My Learning On The Go encourages hands-on-learning while travelling. The simple and lightweight carrying case allows little ones to learn their basics, while on the go.

A magnetic dry-erase board with coordinated magnets and learning cards provides the perfect spot to encourage learning on the move. From the alphabet and numbers to colors, shapes and word building, your mini scholar will be so busy having fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!

Take the Teach My Learning On The Go set on your next car ride, plane trip, train journey, to a waiting room, restaurant or Grandma’s house!


  • Lightweight – only 1.5lbs
  • 10.5” x 11” Nylon Carrying Case With Handle
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Board
  • 54 Magnetic Tiles With Letters, Numbers, Shapes & Colors
  • 10 Double Sided Learning Cards
  • 2 Washable Dry Erase Markers

My Thoughts

I am over the moon happy with my Teach My learning kits for my children! I never thought teaching my kids could be so easy and effective! Having the right tools for teaching them is so important for them to actually soak in what they’re being shown. I have been raving to my friends about these kits, and they are eager to give it a try! I can’t wait to see how much my children can learning from Teach My learning kits!

Do you have a preschooler or kindergartener? Teach My learning kits will give you and your children a chance to learn and create a bond at the same time! The only thing you will regret is not getting it sooner!


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