Out of Dessert Ideas? 3 Classic Recipes that Are Always a Party Favorite

Whether you’re hosting a party or you’re attending one with family or friends, you’re probably going to want to take some kind of dish to share with others. A dessert is often a good idea as most people tend to think about the main course or the appetizers instead of the sweeter foods. If you’re out of dessert ideas, consider a few staples that you can change up a bit so that they blend with the type of event you’re attending or hosting.

Pound Cake

If you want to make a dessert that has a bit of density, then consider a pound cake. There are numerous flavors that you can make, such as lemon, chocolate, or vanilla. You can add your favorite flavor combinations to the batter to make the cake unique, such as mint to a chocolate cake or fresh fruits for a summertime treat. You can also dye the batter so that the color matches the flavor. The pound cake is a dessert that will never lose its popularity because of the many ways that it can be made. The ingredients aren’t expensive and are often already kept in the kitchen, such as flour, sugar, and eggs.

Sugar Cookies

The sugar cookie, like this recipe by Tori Avey, is a classic dessert that you can make with the family for special occasions or that you can take to a party. You can cut out designs for holidays or special events, decorating the cookies that are made to coordinate. When you’re making sugar cookies, add a little flavor to the dough, such as lemon or vanilla extract. This will give the cookies something more than just a butter flavor. If you’re making cookies for a holiday, then consider making plain cookies and letting the people at the party decorate them together.


If you have a fruit of any kind, you can make a cobbler. It’s a simple dish that can be tweaked depending on the time of the year that you’re making the dessert. Use fresh fruits like peaches or strawberries in the summer, changing the fruits used to those that are a bit more colorful in the winter, such as cherries or blueberries. You can also go with canned fruits during the winter and make recipes like a peach cobbler with canned peaches. An idea for adding color to the cobbler for Christmas would be to add green food coloring to the cobbler mix when you use cherries. The 4th of July might feature blueberries with red food coloring in the mix and whipped cream on top when the cobbler is done.

As long as you have a simple dessert recipe, you can change it so that it’s different than an ordinary dish. Think about the party that you’re hosting or attending, adding details to the dessert that reflects the time of year and the event. Try to include the guests as much as possible when you’re decorating the dessert instead of leaving it plain.


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