Common Causes of Water Damage in Your Home to Be Aware Of

Whether you’ve dealt with water damage before or not, you may have some sense of how problematic this issue can be. Water damage in the home can lead to other problems, such as structural issues or mold growth. Understanding the possible causes of such damage can help you to take action quickly in order to repair the damage before you need to replace it.

Floods from the Environment

When a major storm, such as a hurricane, comes through your area, your home might be damaged by flooding. If you live near a body of water, floods could happen in even less severe weather conditions whenever the river begins to swell and spill over. Ultimately, nature is unpredictable and it’s possible for things to get washed away no matter how you prepare for it. Getting flood insurance is a smart idea for people who live in communities that are prone to damaging floods or the potential of damaging floods. 

You can also seal any cracks in your foundation or basement in order to keep as much water out as you can. If there are valuables in your home in the path of danger, relocate them to safer and drier places so they survive the floodwaters. Make sure you know where to turn off the electricity to the house should flooding become inevitable, this will make navigating your flooded house in the event of an emergency a lot safer to do so.

Floods from Accidents

Services like Lone Star Restoration Services also deal with floods that happen due to accidents. For example, your teenager might forget to turn the faucet off after running a bath, thereby leading to a damaging flood when the bathtub runs over causing destruction to the ceiling and the floors below the bathroom. Accidents happen and the best thing to do is to get the damaged areas as dried out as possible, possibly taking steps to restore them if the damage is seriously bad.

Burst Pipes and Other Plumbing Issues

A pipe could also burst in your home, leading to a major flood. If the burst pipe is in a part of your home that you do not frequently go to, you may not even realize that a flood has started to occur. For example, there might be a bathroom in the basement, or the pipe bursts in a wall that’s out of the way or near the attic. If you’re unaware of the burst pipe in locations like these, you might discover one day a buildup of water. There are other plumbing problems that could lead to water damage too. A toilet that is constantly overflowing in an upstairs bathroom could lead to flooding downstairs.

Constant Spills

In the event that liquid keeps getting spilled on a surface, damage could occur. One example is a child playing with water toys in a room that has wooden floors. The child might frequently spill water on the floor, thereby causing damage to the wood over time. The water might also start to seep through the floor.

Problematic Roof

You might notice signs of water damage after rainstorms even when you don’t live in an area prone to flooding. The roof might have structural damage, such as holes, in it that are allowing water to get into the house.


Being aware of potential flooding causes and what to do about them is important. Having a plan of action in the event of a disaster, natural or everyday, means that you can take preventative measures to avoid them or repair the damage afterward. Further, you’ll know where to look if you suspect that water is damaging your home thanks to a burst pipe, an unattended faucet, or as a result playtime gone wrong.


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  1. Water damage is not solely caused by common factors like leaky pipes or faulty appliances; negligence and lack of maintenance play a significant role. Regular inspections and proactive measures using thermal imaging are crucial to protect your home from unforeseen water-related disasters

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