Check Out These Decor Features When Replacing Your Windows 


Without a doubt, replacing your windows has major benefits when it comes to improving the energy-efficiency of your home. At the same time, adding new windows to your home provides a rare opportunity to update the look of your home. With a few of these unique decor features that you can find in new windows, you’ll come to appreciate the cost of your investment even more.

Custom Muntins

Most windows on homes have some type of pattern that is created by a series of bars in the window. These bars are called muntins. In older windows, these muntins were responsible for holding the individual pieces of glass in place. Now, though, they are largely for decorative purposes. By customizing the size and arrangement of the muntins in your windows, you can create a totally unique look that is quite eye-catching. This is typically done bay creating basic criss-cross patterns with the muntins or by variation in the size of rectangular glass sections. You’d be surprised how much more visually appealing your windows can be with just a few variations from the traditional criss-cross style.

Window Tinting

Another way to add some character to new windows is through window tinting. Even if you don’t replace the entire window, window tinting is something that you can do when you need window glass replacement. By adding tinting in custom colors, you can match the decor in your home and help prevent excess sunlight from coming in and fading the materials in your home. Direct sunlight can cause fading on your furniture, so tinting can be both beautifying and home preserving when done correctly.

Built-In Blinds

In addition to being a major hassle, blinds, especially those with cords, can be hazardous to pets and small children. That’s why it’s good to take advantage of window replacement to choose windows with built-in blinds. Beyond being simple to use, built-in blinds are never exposed to the air in your home because they stay inside the glass itself. This means they will never collect dust, which will save you a lot of time when you’re cleaning your house, and don’t have cords and strings that children and pets can get tangled in. 

Decorative Frames

When replacing your windows, it’s important to choose window frames that will match your interior and exterior decor. While many people opt for a neutral white, you can find window frames in just about any color and material under the sun. By choosing something that more closely matches your home’s decor, you can ensure that people focus on the window itself instead of the frame that’s holding it in place. Using bold colors to accent the frame against your home’s colors can also bring pleasant variation to otherwise boring neutral colored homes.

In the midst of making decisions about window decor, it’s also important to consider the energy-efficiency of your new windows. After all, your windows provide a great opportunity to keep outside air where it belongs so that your home stays more comfortable. The good news is that many of these built-in decor features help to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows, making these features all the more desirable. Having a trusted contractor can help you along the way. Check out Mighty Dog Roofing for services that you may need!


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