Charcoal, Crystals, and Filters: Top Trends in Water Bottles

Your health is one of the best things you can invest in. Since the human body is at least 60 percent water, you have to keep yourself hydrated in order to keep every bodily function running.

Everything, from your skin to your brain, needs lubrication. Not only does your body need a certain quantity, but you should also strive to give it the best quality water possible. If you’re trying to improve your family’s water supply, here are some trendy purification systems worth trying.

Crystal Filters

Because of their reputation for healing and wellness, crystals are everywhere you turn. So much so that celebrities have incorporated them into their health and beauty brands. Geode water bottles are all the rage these days because of their ability to give off a positive charge to your water.

According to physics, the crystals vibrate and maintain a healthy frequency that can promote detoxification, boost energy, and create overall positive feelings. By putting geodes in your drinking water, the water surrounding the geodes absorb the benefits. When searching for a crystal filter, invest in one that meets your specific wellness goals.


If you’re looking for a premium tap water detoxifier, charcoal is the way to go. Some services like Rikumo sell purifying activated charcoal sticks. Activated charcoal is essentially a toxin magnet. When you place it near tap water, it absorbs the harmful impurities and leaves you with healthy drinking water.

In addition to cleaning your water, activated charcoal also purifies the air and your garden’s soil. If you’re using quality charcoal sticks, you’ll only have to replace them every three months.

Coconut Carbon

Coconut carbon water filters are the hidden gems of the water world. For one, they contain micro-pores, which naturally occur on the shells of coconuts. These pores absorb a myriad of lingering particles and toxins from your drinking water. Since coconuts are a renewable resource, they make great carbon filters. So, help your family and the environment by investing in one of these filters.

Water is a part of everything, including how you look and feel. Giving yourself purified drinking water improves your quality of life and gives you more time to do what you love most. In addition to being healthier than traditional bottled water, these natural water filters are cost-effective. Do your research to find the perfect natural filtration system for your needs.

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