Best Foods to Eat in the Morning

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. What you eat for breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your waking hours. For anyone who struggles to eat breakfast, fruit, yogurt, or toast are healthy and delicious options. Avoiding sugary foods is recommended to keep energy levels steady, and protein is excellent for supporting stamina.

 Keep reading to discover some of the best breakfast foods for nutritional foods with yummy flavors.

Whole Wheat Toast

Whole wheat toast is a simple and beneficial breakfast filled with fiber. This no-frills meal is fabulous for very light eaters, anyone with a sensitive stomach, and people who need some quality sustenance to get them to lunchtime but cannot stomach much in the AM. 

Toast a slice of wheat bread and drizzle with butter, honey, or jam. Nut butter such as almond offers a small pop of protein that sustains energy levels. It also keeps blood sugar balanced and is a source of quality fats for focus and brain health.

Genoa Salami on a Bagel

Genoa salami on a warm toasted bagel is perfect for savory breakfast lovers. The wine and garlic-infused salami flavors complement the chewy bagel with black pepper, adding a hint of spice. Here is a comfort food combo with carbs to fuel your day.

If you are wondering where to try this, order genoa salami on a bagel from Tal Bagels. Tals is a popular NYC bagel shop and a crowd-pleaser. 

Smoothies and Protein Shakes

If you are short on time, consider a protein shake or smoothie with endless flavor combinations of fruits, vegetables, and add-ons like protein powder, cinnamon, and herbs.

Whip up a banana, blueberry, and almond butter smoothie with cinnamon for an array of healthy fats, sugars, and energy-giving protein. This time-saver is excellent for people with minimal appetites.


For people who don’t require a full breakfast, fruit is a handy meal. Across the world, there are about 2000 different kinds of fruit, yet most of us will only try a small percentage. Fruit is low in calories, an easy way to get vitamins and minerals, and is an excellent source of complex carbs for lasting energy. 

  • Blueberries are high in resveratrol.
  • Citrus is high in vitamin C content.
  • Dragon fruit is rich in magnesium.


Oatmeal is a comforting and classic breakfast. It is filling, nutritious and fiber-rich. Hip and healthy oatmeal variations have arrived on the food scene in recent years, such as oats soaked overnight in nut milk with fruits, cacao, and maple syrup.

An excellent source of fiber, oats are a perfectly healthy breakfast. In addition, they are a source of vitamins and minerals, including B1, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.

Tofu Scramble

Try a tofu scramble if you’re looking for a protein-rich vegan breakfast. Veggies, spices, and herbs give a kick of flavor to this warm dish. This dish is a pleaser for anyone who wants protein but wishes to reduce their consumption of animal protein. 

Tofu is indicated to be beneficial for women low in estrogen. Science has shown it may help estrogen levels. These facts are due to the phytoestrogens in soy, a plant-based form of estrogen.


Across the world, eggs are a protein-rich breakfast choice. Affordable and easy, people who eat eggs in the AM may feel full for a more extended period because protein takes longer to digest. Eggs make a hearty side to toast and fruit, completing a full meal. Add bacon or sausage to this platter idea for a breakfast that will keep you full past lunchtime. Try poaching, frying, or scrambling your eggs, or go for an omelet or frittata packed with vegetables, cheese, and protein. 


Yogurt is a breakfast option packed with protein, calcium, and vitamins and is a fermented food full of probiotics, which are fantastic for the digestive system. Yogurt makes a complete breakfast with toast and protein.

Choose a brand and flavor without added sugar to receive the full gut-health benefits of yogurt. Drizzle a bit of honey onto a bowl of yogurt for a healthy breakfast and make a meal of it with chia seeds, sliced almonds, and sweet, fresh 


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