“Ber” Months: What Events To Look Forward To And Prepare For

Guest post contributed by Kristine Ramos

How time flies by. One moment we were just welcoming the year 2017 and taking down our Christmas decorations, now we’re almost saying goodbye to the year and putting up holiday decorations again. With the “Ber” Months (Months that end in “Ber”) marking the departure of the year, we’re speeding up to the time where we’ll be welcoming another new year.

But we are not ending 2017 and receiving 2018 without a bang. The following months that announce the coming new year are the busiest and occasion-packed months of the year with the holidays seeming to just stack up on each other. Although more holidays mean more time needed to plan, more money to spend, and more effort to give in order to create a successful celebration.

Preparing For The Occasion: Last Minute Shopping And Saving Money

However, there comes procrastination, last minute shopping and the occasional splurge for gifts and items needed for each holiday. Does putting off holiday shopping ‘til later, running out on desired products and overspending sound familiar to you? Why is it that no matter how many years have passed, there are people who still tend to do last-minute shopping and that urge to splurge?

There are various reasons, actually, and not all of them are about procrastination and lack of willpower (even though most reasons are that). Some even do last-minute shopping on purpose and still get a successful haul of holiday gifts and knick-knacks plus some hefty discounts and savings from it.

So how do you attain that feat that will save you time, money and effort whenever deciding on attending or holding events this year? Here’s how.

How To Be An Early Bird: Shop For Gifts And/Or Items Early

Whether you are buying for a Christmas event or a planned dinner party for the next week, it is better if you buy earlier than the usual. Not only will this save you the trouble of being stuck in traffic or with fellow shoppers you will also be free of that duty earlier. Moreover, this gives you a clear head when choosing items or a gift to buy due to the lack of time pressure.

How To Win At Last Minute Shopping: Be Fast And Snappy

Last minute shoppers don’t always tend to be the procrastinating people. They are last-minute shoppers by choice because of huge sales that are only available at the last minute. However, since you are not the only last-minute shopper with that same idea, you have to be fast to take advantage of those deals.

Plan what to buy and be early at shops to get those items before they run out. If you’re buying online, schedule your order so that it will be shipped to you on time.

Festivals And Getaways For The Family: Choose Your Escapades Carefully

Since the “Ber” Months are packed with holidays and other events such as festivals, it’s a sad yet an inevitable knowledge that you can’t go and enjoy them all. So in order to avoid bankruptcy from spending your money on all of those occasions, choose events that appeal to you the most and consider if you and your family will have a great time during those or will it be worth it.

And Most Of All: It’s All Starts And Ends With Planning

Planning is the most important key when handling these kinds of events in order to gain the most benefits of what you will do. Plan your routes, your items, and more importantly, your budget.

For dinner, get-together and Holiday parties, list what you need to buy and where to buy it before shopping. Heed the tip of shopping early. This saves time and avoids you from wandering the stores aimlessly wondering what to buy or do next.

For attending festivals or planning getaways, check if those events are meant for you or–if you’re bringing your family along–family-friendly. Bear in mind the tip of choosing your escapades to avoid financial problems in the long run.

Now that you’ve learned the importance of being prepared and how essential planning is, here are the major events that you need to look forward to before the year ends.


September 14-17: Grapefest. The 31st Annual Grapefest is a grape-harvesting and wine festival that features festivities such as GrapeStomp, KidsWorld and so much more.

September 16-October 3: Oktoberfest. A traditional German festival that includes watching parades, get on carnival rides, a little dancing, gorging on lots of delicious food! 


October 9: Columbus Day. This day serves as a commemoration of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America. This holiday is dedicated to celebrating Italian-American heritage.

October 31: Halloween. Everyone knows Halloween. Even though it’s not a federal holiday, it is one of the most popular holidays in the whole world. During this holiday, many Halloween festivals take place and other activities can be done such as pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and costume parties.


November 23: Thanksgiving. It is a public holiday originating from being a huge harvest feast of history until it continued for hundreds of years. It is celebrated with lots of delicious food and wine but people are also devising new and fresh Thanksgiving menu ideas for it.

November 24: Black Friday. After Thanksgiving, Black Friday follows. This day marks the beginning of the busy shopping season for Christmas and Holiday shopping. Special deals and heavy discounts are offered by various stores for shoppers.

November 29-January 7, 2018: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting. It will be lit for the first time on this date with live performances from 7-9 pm at the Rockefeller Plaza. The Christmas tree is a worldwide symbol of the holidays in New York City.

On the other hand, the lighting dates of the National Christmas Tree and the Pageant of Peace in Washington, DC are still undecided but it will be open for visitors on January 1, 2018.


December 24: Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas where we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Usually, it is spent together with loved ones singing Christmas carols, giving gifts and having a Christmas dinner.

December 25: Christmas Day. It is the largest and most widely celebrated religious holiday. Christmas is a special day meant to be spent with family and loved ones as well as remembering Jesus Christ. It is also the only holiday that allows an entire country to take a rest.

December 31: New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is one of the most anticipated holidays. Parties, fireworks and the drop of the New Year’s Ball in Times Square are observed in welcoming the age of a new year.


It is important to be able to plan and be prepared with everything, may it be the expected or the unexpected. Those two are essential in order to get the most experience out of your holiday plans and outings while spending less.

Moreover, holidays and occasions are very special in everyone’s lives. Not only it is a symbol of a rich history, it is also an opportunity to be able to create memories with the people you love and care about or simply just savoring new experiences by yourself.

Author’s Bio: Kristine Ramos is an editor at scoopfed.com. She loves reading and writing. If she is not reading a book or writing a poem or a novel, she draws or plays video games. She mostly spends time with her pets or with a book in hand.


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