Bathroom Remodeling With Resale In Mind

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If you think there’s a chance that you might sell up and relocate in the coming years, this should have a bearing on any improvements you make. When planning a bathroom revamp, choose a style that is popular across the board, which will please a potential buyer. Of course, every home improvement should stand the test of time, even more so in the bathroom and you want something that will still look great in a couple of years.

There are quite a lot of great color combinations and good-quality ceramic tiles are something that we all love. Take a trip to your nearest bathroom showroom where you can see a range of designs in a real-life environment. They have knowledgeable staff who are there to assist you with your layout and with their help, a design that everyone would love awaits.

Premium Quality Materials & Appliances

Invest in the best and you won’t regret it. Visit a Woking bath showroom if you are within the area and check out the best brands at affordable prices, where you will find everything you need for a premium luxury bathroom that will be a major selling point. Choose a top brand for bathroom suites and if you are installing a shower, check out the online reviews for each model.

Digital Shower

These are gaining in popularity and a top-of-the-range hot water on-demand digital shower will still be unique in a few years, adding to the value of the property. Consider multi-angle jets that are adjustable, which you can easily demonstrate to a potential buyer. Plus, this is an exhilarating experience that you want to repeat.

Easy to Clean

It is important to choose a bathroom that is easy to keep clean, with glass, stainless steel, and ceramics making up a large portion, you can easily add a shine to the bathroom, which is important when a potential buyer comes to view the property. Watch their reaction when they see the bathroom! Choose materials that won’t fade and are easy to clean and your bathroom can easily be made to look like a new pin!

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Professional Installation

Unless you happen to be a bathroom technician, this is best left to the professionals, who issue a long warranty on their work (this is transferrable) and should be pointed out to the new owner when you do sell. You can call the bathroom design Egham experts or check out bathroom designers in your location through Google search. Your local bathroom showroom should be able to handle the project from design to completion for an all-inclusive price, and they will issue you a warranty as well. The installation is every bit as important as the materials, so resist any temptation to go down the DIY route and let the professionals handle the entire project.


To conclude, when making any improvements, take into account you might be selling up in the near future and choose a design that is popular and suits the property. Armed with the precise dimensions of your bathroom, pay your local bathroom showroom a visit and see what the experts can come up with.

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