Back to School Essentials

As summer winds down, that could only mean one thing… Back to School SHOPPING! When my kids were younger shopping for school meant loading everyone up in the car and spending hours upon hours winding up and down the same aisles in stores looking for the perfect folder or pencils or lunchbox or…..  Those days are long gone thanks to the World Wide Web. Now all of your Back to School Essentials are only a click away! We have compiled some of the “must haves” for this back-to-school season! Grab a coffee and your kids and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home.

Pre-School Back-to-School Essentials

The Flexispot Comhar Pro Standing Desk would make a great addition to a home school or homework setting, as it has a number of features that can help students stay comfortable and focused while working. The desk’s smooth and quiet motor makes it easy for students to adjust the height of the desk as needed, which can help them find a comfortable working position at all ages. It has a digital display for setting the height and a programmable memory function for saving your favorite positions. This can be convenient for students who need to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. Finally, the Comhar Pro Standing Desk is available in several size options, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Text Now

TextNow is a free wireless phone service that doesn’t rely on a plan or contract, making it perfect for students. Originally created by a college student to text for free in the early 00s, the brand has become a go-to lifesaver for younger and low-income consumers as well as early adopters who wanted to be free of traditional, overly complicated, and overbearing phone plans. With the brand’s easy-to-use app, the service offers flexible communication and connection available to customers all across the country by democratizing phone service.


Glasses from My Eyelab

My Eyelab and Stanton Optical, are among the nation’s fastest-growing, full-service retail eye care centers offering accessible and affordable eye care solutions with 250 locations in 28 states. These brands pride themselves on being able to offer the latest eyewear trends and top-of-the-line examinations, without breaking the bank. Shop their diverse kids’ eyewear collection today to make sure your kids are ready for whatever the 2022-2023 school year brings!


STEAM Skills with My Gears

EXPLORE CAUSE AND EFFECT — Use these gear models to teach children that actions and design affect outcomes. Develop curiosity, attention to detail, and intentional play.   These connecting cubes and gears from My Gears allow our youngest to practice early engineering concepts, geometry, measurement, problem-solving, and reasoning.

The My Gears products inspire children to play with purpose. Play is the best teacher! These high-quality, educational resources fulfill learning needs for 12 years.


Gluten-Free Cookies

These cookies from Maxine’s Heavenly taste homemade and are healthier versions of the cookies the co-founder’s mother would make. They’re “sweetened by nature” using coconut sugar and dates, and are completely vegan, gluten-free, and low glycemic so that practically anyone can enjoy them!

Maxine’s Heavenly just won “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie ” in Good Housekeeping’s 2022 Healthy Snack Awards.


First Day of School Party Flags from Mad Paperie

These party flags from Mad Paperie are simple, yet colorful and fun. They are lightweight and easy to hold or otherwise display for excellent photo opportunities! You can also grab a Teacher Appreciation Flag and let those educators know just how much you love them!

The School Party Flag Kit comes with 4 party flags– 1 First Day of, 1 Last Day of, 1 GRAD, and 1 Teacher Appreciation. It also includes a pack of Ready Confetti for kids, creating a sweet memory before the first day of school, and a greeting card for the teachers to let them know just how amazing they truly are!


Stuffies for Comfort from Foothill Toy Co.

Susie the School Mouse from Foothill Toy Co may seriously be the sweetest way to get kids ready for school! We love Susie for kiddos who are heading off to kindergarten for the first time or for kids who might need a little encouragement heading back to school after the freedom of summer break. Foothill Toy Co designs high-quality, low-tech toys that inspire creative thinking & self-expression through open-ended play. Packaged in a beautiful, reusable box, Foothill’s Susie the Schoolhouse Mouse playset contains a stuffed animal in a soft fabric outfit, a removable backpack, an eraser pillow, a notebook paper sleeping bag, and a colorful marker blanket so kids can create their own little classroom adventures.


Wooden Step Stool from Emerging Green

Simple & Elegant -this gray concave step stool chair from Emerging Green adds a touch of sophistication to your home’s interior. It’s more than a cozy small stool to sit on, it complements any theme for a more classy setup. It is perfect for the smallest family member to pull up for reading a book with Mom or Dad.

Made from Earth-friendly Materials – this wood step stool is created only from sustainable and recycled materials to minimize our carbon footprint. Built to last, this mini stool withstands daily use and rough handling.


Edible Cookie Dough Snacks from Whoa Dough

Send kids back to school with Whoa Dough, a healthy edible cookie dough bar they can pack in their lunch box or toss in their backpacks! These plant-based, gluten-free cookie dough bars are made with real ingredients that’ll satisfy kids’ sweet tooth–minus the parent guilt! It’s a sweet and salty snack bar with a smooth texture – just like homemade cookie dough (and who doesn’t love that?!). Dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, vegan, kosher, and plant-based with no artificial ingredients. Packed with 4g of protein, 5g of fat, and 9g of sugar starting at only 140 calories, Whoa Dough is a convenient on-the-go snack whenever they need one–from the cafeteria or classroom to the playing field to an after-school snack! Perfect for college students, too! Tasty flavors include Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Sugar Sprinkle, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Brownie Batter.


Grade School Back-to-School Essentials


Lunchbox Gear from O Yaki

Pack their lunch or snacks for after-school activities in a reusable and eco-friendly bento box. O-Yaki Ecoware Take Anywhere Lunch Box has three separate compartments to keep food separated. It comes with a reusable spoon and fork set and a snap-on, spill-proof lid to keep food fresh. Made with natural wheat or rice husk composite material, this bento box is biodegradable, BPA-Free, freezer and microwave-safe.

Every child needs a water bottle to go back to school. The O-Yaki Ecoware Water Bottle is eco-friendly and made with natural wheat fiber, which is easily biodegradable. Double-walled insulated so it keeps beverages cold longer, holds 15 ounces, has a twist-off lid, and comes with a removable wrist strap so you can be hands-free while carrying it. BPA-free, shatter-resistant, microwave, and freezer-safe. 


Vitamins from Viteyes

Despite your best parenting efforts, kids — like the rest of us — are exposed to digital devices almost everywhere. From laptops and tablets assisting education to television, phones, and monitors at home and in public, relaying information and providing entertainment, in addition to natural sunlight and LED lighting, their developing eyes are exposed to harmful light nearly every waking hour.

Viteyes® Blue Light Defender™ Kids contains the only natural defenses the eyes have to protect the macula from the harmful effects of blue light that stem from digital screens such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers, and even the sun. Plus, it helps defend against strained and tired eyes that can be caused by overexposure to blue light.


Reusable Bags from Pursunly

Pursunly zippered bags are the BEST reusable food-safe bags, that can replace disposable plastic bags in everyday use. They are machine washers and dryer SAFE to reuse over and over again. BPA-free food-safe lining is water resistant and stain resistant, and it’s manufactured in America.No more plastic bag waste. Use these handy bags for lunches, snacks large and small, toiletries, pet food and treats, medications, clothing, and more! Available in 5 different sizes, and you can get them personalized so they aren’t misplaced!

These bags are great for any age! I’m a forty-something mom who is looking forward to packing my lunch in this environment-friendly ultra fashionable bags! Persunly has a wide variety of quality personalized items for the entire family – even your furry friends!


Clothing and Supply Labels from Mabels Labels

School supplies can be costly. The last thing we, as parents, want to do is have to buy them twice because they get lost. These labels from Mabels Labels are perfect to keep track of supplies. Labeling your child’s supplies helps to avoid your hard-earned money winding up in lost and found and they are super easy to apply. No worries about washing lunchboxes, jackets, or shoes with the labels… the labels are dishwasher and laundry safe.

I love the bottle bands! No more germy mix-ups when more than one of the same water bottles are in the same classroom! Personalize the bottle band with your child’s name or a sweet phrase to let them know how much they are loved!


Gluten Free Cookies from Naked Nutrition

The Naked Cookie is a quick, healthy, and delicious protein treat for any time of the day. Freshly baked in the USA, gluten-free Naked Cookie is made with defatted almond flour instead of traditional wheat.. With 10g of grass-fed whey protein, only 190 calories, and only 1g of sugar in each cookie, now you can satisfy your sweet tooth without feeding bad habits.

It’s not only about taste, though, as the Naked Cookie can help you power through the day. Perfect for those going back to school who may need an extra boost during their breaks in school, between college classes or at lunch. 10g of protein and 6g of fiber help keep you full, maintain steady energy to complete the school day, and prevent cravings for bad stuff.


X-Treme Rocket from Stomp Rocket

As school starts back one thing my kids always crave is “down time” once they get home. I love giving them options that do not involve a screen! Stomp Rocket gives kids just that with this 100% kid powered Stomp Rocket.

Another thing my kids love is competition – and I always say, “friendly competition is healthy for the soul”. I love watching my kids celebrate each others accomplishments and then watch the determination as they try to “one up” their siblings after the celebration. 🙂 Stomp Rocket is STEM (and Mom) approved!


Lap Desk from Emerging Green

With its flat folding design, you can conveniently put the breakfast trays with folding legs under the bed or around the corner when not in use. No need for installation, open it and use it after you unbox it.

It is bigger than most lap desks for laptop and writing. With its’ 23.6 x 15.3-inch surface, you can perform a multitude of tasks on it. Whenever you are using it as a tray table for bed, the convenience that it affords you is unparalleled. It can serve as a low table for sitting on the floor too! Emerging Green is committed to providing superb craftsmanship that doesn’t hurt our environment!


High School and Beyond Back to School Essentials


Laptop Bag from Luis Steven

As you enter into a brand-new year of school, make sure you never have to stress about having the right bag for calendars, laptop, notebooks and more. The everyday bag from Luis Steven adds color, style, and an element of fun to the traditionally dull backpack market. Whether you are heading across campus, joining friends in a study group, or heading to the coveted internship, the designer bags are stylish and functional to meet every occasion. Sold directly to the consumer, Luis Steven is offering designer quality products at a reasonable price. Start your year fresh with a bag that will last years after graduation!

Jeans from Raleigh Denim

In the beginning, Raleigh Denim thought long and hard about what makes the “Ideal” pair of jeans. For them, over the course of a few years, it became their OG made with their proprietary Cone Mills 13 oz tinted weft selvage denim — and working with former Levi’s master pattern maker Christel Elsberg to refine and refine and refine the curves and construction with a meticulous sense of detail.

They accomplished this by sourcing, acquiring, repairing, machines of the great American manufacturing movement in the 1900s, then teaching their Jeansmiths to carefully construct each pair as if it was their own, and signing each one.

Their love, their craft, their passion for the OG is now available in the high-rise wide leg women’s Stokes fit.

Bento Boxes from The Dearest Grey

Back to school means prepping lunches. Make your life easier with The Dearest Grey‘s silicone bento boxes. Perfect for lunchtime, the silicone bento boxes are unbreakable, reusable, and made with 100% food-grade silicone, making for easy cleaning after sitting in backpacks for hours. Best of all, these boxes are both freezer and microwave safe and can go in the oven up to 410 degrees! Perfect for storing sandwiches or your child’s favorite snack, store it away with The Dearest Grey bento boxes.


Memory Foam Seat Cushion from Everlasting Comfort

Sit in comfort all day long while studying with Everlasting Comfort’s memory foam cushions! This seat cushion is made with pure memory foam to help correct bad posture and alleviate the pain caused by sitting for long periods of time. All cushions mold perfectly to your body to best support your body and reduce pain. Perfect for setting up your space to knock out a few hours finishing up homework!


Personal Blender from Tribest

The Mason Jar Ready Personal Blender 2 with Mason Jar Mug handles all your basic daily blending needs including smoothies, sauces, and soups. Simple “press and play” function just takes seconds to blend your favorite combinations directly into your mason jar mug. The portable and compact base is outfitted with a cooling fan for moderate blending jobs, protecting your motor.  The included blend and go blending containers with matching storage and commuter lids make enjoying fresh healthy blends daily on the go fast and easy. 


Tumbler from MyBevi

Bring your morning coffee to early morning lecture with MyBevi. What sets this brand apart from competitors is how easy it is to carry your phone, keys and a tumbler while on-the-go. The collection offers stainless steel tumblers for everyone that are made to endure all weather conditions and activities. Once you’ve got your coffee fix, quench that thirst with ice-cold water.

MyBevi crafts exceptionally made products, created to be as unique as you are and to go with you wherever your life takes you.


Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support from Everlasting Comfort

In this day of technology, using laptops and iPads for classwork is becoming more common than ever. Wrest your wrists from your keyboard with a comfortable, soft wrist rest. Everlasting Comfort’s wrist rests for keyboards to relieve pain and pressure from daily usage while completing assignments. Designed to shape around the natural curves of hands and wrists for optimal support. Gear up for a full year of homework and prevent your wrists from wearing out!


Grass Fed Beef from Good Ranchers

School is right around the corner, and many kids do not know where their meals will come from this semester. Talking to teachers while planning for my eldest to start college has opened my eyes to how many kids and college students go hungry. Good Ranchers is a phenomenal way to ensure your college student is fueling up for the hectic schedule that college life brings!  You can order grass fed beef and have it delivered right to them – full bellies for your student = peace of mind for parents!

Grass-fed beef not your thing? Good Ranchers has you covered with an offer of  free-range chicken, pork, and seafood. Curating individual boxes, there are options for everyone. And at affordable pricing you and your family can get food to fit your needs.

Do good. Eat good. Feel good. With Good Ranchers

For every order in the month of August, Good Ranchers will be donating high-quality and nutritious meals to children who cannot feed themselves. Join them in this project and help fill empty plates and fuel future minds! 


Sirius Pro Earbuds from GravaStar

Earbuds are a must for todays students! Whether they are in training for the latest sport, joining a video conference/call, or catching some down time with their favorite music – students from Middle School and upward need a dependable set of earbuds! GravaStar delivers for them in a phenomenal way!

Featuring Knowles balanced armatures, the Sirius Pro wireless earbuds deliver an incredible, well-rounded sound. They are built on GravaStar’s exclusive DSP audio algorithms and offer an immersive, crisp experience through Bluetooth 5.2 True Wireless Stereo. They have in-ear detection, 65ms latency, and give you a balanced punchy bass and 3D surround sound with custom modes for music, gaming, and movies.


Cleaning Supplies from Sprayway

As the end of summer is approaching, many kids are gearing up to start college. Between meeting a new roommate, ordering books and double checking their packing list — this exciting time in life can also be stressful.

According to Sprayway’s most recent survey, 55% of Gen Z’ers find a clean space calming. College kids can actually reduce stress by cleaning and having a calming space – especially when they can clean AF (As Foam). When given the right tools to clean effectively, kids can keep spaces clean, cut down on stress, and get back to enjoying college life.

Graphing Calculator from Casio

Back to school supplies. Books, erasers and pencils over a chalkboard or blackboard with room for copy space.

When I was in school, a few decades ago, I remember my math teachers saying, “you won’t always have a calculator to figure these things out”. Times have certainly changed! Now we carry around a mini computer in our smart phones – EVERYWHERE we go! However, there are some things you just can’t do so easily on a smart phone. Casio has a tremendous line of graphing calculators that are going to make high school and college life MUCH easier!

With a large, soft keyboard and convenient drop-down menus, the fx-CG500 graphing calculator is easy to use and includes a high-resolution, color, touchscreen LCD display (over 65,000 colors). It also offers a Color Link function for graphs, charts and spreadsheets and is permitted for use on the AP, SAT I and II, PSAT and NMSQT exams.


Poseidon Jogger from Seaav

The Poseidon Jogger from Seaav is designed for comfort and adventure. This will be your students new go to pant. Stylish to wear out, comfy for staying in. Featuring a drawstring waistband and open side pockets for an extra comfy feel. Features a 29″ inseam, two side pockets, and a drawstring low-rise waistband.

We all learn better when we are comfortable. These joggers are not only comfortable but stylish enough to go from classroom to gym! Check out the other comfy clothes from Seaav!


Personalized Backpacks from Groovy Girl Gifts

When I was in school, the most important Back to School accessory was… which backpack would I be carrying? It had to be something that spoke to my style that still functioned to carry my school supplies all day.

These stylish bags from Groovy Girl Gifts fit the bill for fashion and function beautifully! These personalized backpacks are functional, practical, and sentimental. A backpack will become her go-to bag in her day to day travels. It’s a convenient choice for students, fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and even business people.


Hair Accessories from RobeCurls

The satin Curling Headband by RobeCurls creates heatless curls or waves while you sleep… or play.  Wear overnight or out for the day (even to the gym!), then unwrap for perfect curls. Made of luxurious satin that prevents friction and breakage, reducing frizz and promoting hair health. Inside is an integrated wire and plush microfiber fleece lining so your hairstyle is comfortable and secure while it curls. Simply wrap and twist! The perfect alternative to traditional hot tools and curling irons. These are not your grandmother’s rollers.


Laptop Protective Case from WELLinsulated

Working with top aerospace engineers  and top technical designers for over 2 years to create WELLinsulated’s high performance laptop case resulted in protection merged with fashion beautifully! The Case is sleek, slim and lightweight. Designed to protect your investment from scratches, bumps and spills – thanks to the high performance insulated lining (that doubles as protective padding) and ultra water-resistant zipper. The perfect back to school accessory. Designed for 13″-14″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air (fits most 12”-14″ laptops or tablets). They also have a matching bag that’s perfect for charges/cables.


5 in 1 Make-Up from Subtl Beauty

Back to School Essentials

A convenient set of compact essentials from Subtl Beauty to create a polished, put-together look in just a few minutes. The Starter Stack is a portable on-the-go, full size makeup Stack that contains all of the products you may need and they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Not only is Subtl Beauty customizable to every individual, it’s small enough to fit into your backpack and in between class touch-ups!

Each 5 in 1 Includes:

+ Concealer in your chosen shade

+ Bronzer in Latte

+ Lip & Cheek in Mauve

+ Highlighter in Champagne

+ Shine Control Powder

We all want to look our best Subtl Beauty makes that a breeze with this convenient make up pack. It’s small enough to fit in even the smallest bag or even your pocket, but packs a powerful punch to meet all of your make-up needs = perfect for high school!


Organic Underwear from WAMA

Wama Underwear is the leading sustainable hemp underwear brand providing customers with a unique feel of comfort, breathability, and antibacterial properties perfect for students to have a comfortable wedgie-free day while studying!

Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, with anti-odor properties. Super comfortable, breathable and gets softer with every wash. Hemp is also organic, eco-friendly and can help save the planet. Hemp is the perfect fabric for your organic underwear. Why Not Hemp?


Personalized Tumblers from Groovy Guy Gifts


Who wouldn’t love a personalized tumbler? It’s the perfect way to start the new school year with a little style and individuality while staying hydrated on the go. These tumblers are double-walled so they are perfectly insulated for hot and cold beverages.

Whether your student plays sports, the piano, or hangs out in the science lab… Groovy Guy Gifts has a personalized tumbler for them!


Magnetic Dartboard Game from Stomp Rocket

Growing up is hard. School is hard. Let’s face it – the last two years have been HARD! High school and college bring an entirely new set of challenges and pushes students to new heights… but sometimes they just need something to do for FUN to let their brains relax!  This magnetic dart board from Stomp Rocket is just the thing! No worries about damaging walls or dorms with the magnetic darts!


Numi Organic Tea

Numi was founded in 1999 in Oakland, California by brother and sister Ahmed Rahim and Reem Hassani with a vision to share the transformative, healing power of tea with the world. They named their company after the steeped dried desert lime they drank in their early childhood in Baghdad, Iraq. The drink symbolizes hospitality and community (numi means “citrus” in Arabic). Creative, conscious change-makers, they have introduced little-known herbs and teas to the United States, while advancing human rights and sustainable causes around the globe.

Numi’s new “Stay Healthy” line or even their line of wellness shots – each of their products addresses a facet of wellness. To protect from illness, try Immune Boost or Immune Support– designed to support respiratory health and immunity thanks to ingredients like echinacea, elderberry and dandelion root.

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