Advantages of Acrylic Render That Can Impress Anyone

There are many ways to add aesthetic appeal to your house, and you can choose them as per your budget and other preferences. In case you are looking for a finish for the outer walls of your home, which can offer durability and beauty as well, you must go for acrylic rendering. Right since its inception, the popularity and success rate of acrylic rendering has been pretty high. So, let us provide you some useful information in this regard.

So, what is an acrylic render? Like the name suggests, this render contains acrylic material, which in turn is a kind of plastic based product. The presence of this plastic based elements adds excellent strength to the rendering mixes, which is the reason why more and more people are opting for acrylic rendering these days over other conventional mixes. Once you apply acrylic based render to the walls, you can take a trowel and roll over it. Additionally, you can also go with the option of spraying. Basically, two coats are applied, and these renders come in various colors.

Few Major Benefits of Acrylic Rendering

Like it was mentioned above, acrylic renders are a plastic based mix, therefore the flexibility they showcase is really impressive. Once you apply this kind of render to the walls, they are less likely to develop a crack. We all know, that the construction materials used for building homes contract and expand as per the temperature. So, the use of acrylic rendering ensures, no crack would develop in the walls. Hairline cracks can be filled up easily with the application of acrylic rendering.

Coming to the aesthetic value, acrylic based rendering is attractive and one can apply the same in a wide range of ways. You can come up with different finishes with the use of this kind of rendering. For example, concrete finish and silky smooth finish are the two most widely preferred textures used these days. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the labor cost. The cost depends on the type of finish you are looking for.

Another major advantage of acrylic rendering is that one can apply it to a wide array of substrates, such as concrete, painted walls, fiber cement, timber, and much more. On the other hand, traditional renders are incapable of holding on to such kind of surfaces. As a result, the finish you get in such cases is less likely to satisfy you.

When it comes to drying, acrylic render takes lesser time in comparison to other renders available. The amazingly fast drying attribute of acrylic render can prove to be highly helpful if you are running short on time. It takes just a few days to get cured; on the other hand, the traditional renders take up a month for the same.

One more benefit of the acrylic based render is that the material below the acrylic coat is able to breathe freely. In other words, acrylic allows the easy passage of moisture from the material underneath to the surroundings. As a result, your home always smells fresh and healthy. The water-resistant feature of acrylic rendering helps in preventing the formation of fungi and bacteria.

So, those were some of the prime advantages of using acrylic render for your home. When you contact a dealer or supplier for acrylic based render, you must pay attention to the quality of the product. It is better to choose quality over price, as it is important to protect your house from the harsh elements of weather. So, compare the reviews and then go for the product.

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