Academic Treasures: Best Universities in Liverpool

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The year 1207 still spreads a golden shadow on this cultural masterpiece, when King John decided to grant a royal charter to establish a planned city for a smaller residency, initially with only seven streets. The development and infrastructure at Liverpool gained its hike soon as it started trading with Ireland back in the day and now stands as one of the greatest trade centers in the world.

Liverpool hosts more than 70k students from around the globe with due credit to its world-class student-oriented infrastructure and module system with doors open for research, experience, exploration, and interaction. By the end of this blog, you will get familiar with the city as a whole and its importance and contribution to the education industry by exploring the top universities in Liverpool.

Why Do People Study in Liverpool?

Liverpool holds the capability of hooking the spectators to itself by showcasing its concentrated and preserved culture and architecture. For almost 125 years, Liverpool has been deeply associated with football and has thus become a popular hotspot amongst the youth. The city’s atmosphere is generally rainy and pleasant but seems sweeter with caring and welcoming citizens. Liverpool has been significant due to its ever-growing infrastructure and is believed to remain substantial with the amount of architecture investment and planning, holds.

Adding to the historic significance, it is a great site for history enthusiasts, travel and food bloggers, students, and tourists. Almost every neighborhood in Liverpool feels distinct and seems to have a perfect blend of modern and ancient. Liverpool has the most number of museums in the UK after London and has a table full of monuments and giant libraries – each with its own historic significance. Liverpool offers multiple streets and malls for entertainment, shopping, and food from different cultures for the visitor to choose from. 

Liverpool is also known for its unique transportation and the quality of public transit is remarkable with an underground railway system that can literally connect you to any corner of the city including the historic beaches, marketplaces, universities in Liverpool, and libraries in a blink of an eye.

Up the way to glory, Liverpool has added some admirable options amongst the visionary universities Liverpool that aim to enhance the quality of education with an army of passionate and supporting professors.

Will You Get a Job in Liverpool?

The job opportunities in Liverpool have increased in the past decade with an annual growth rate of 0.4% which is slightly lesser than the annual growth rate of the UK (0.6%). Students prefer working part-time along with their studies to live a comfortable life while a range of permanent jobs are also available in the fields of hospitality, security, logistics & retail. The average salary in Liverpool is £33,000/year or £16.92 per hour which is almost £7,000 more than the average salary in the UK.

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Best Universities in Liverpool

  • University of Liverpool

With a history dating back to 1881, the University of Liverpool has gained a reputation as a distinguished institution for teaching and research. It is a member of the elite Russell Group of universities and is associated with nine Nobel Prizes. 

The institution provides a vibrant learning environment for more than 28,000 students by offering a comprehensive choice of academic programs (400+ postgraduate and undergraduate programs) across numerous disciplines. State-of-the-art facilities, a great faculty, and strong industry contacts combine to give students a platform to flourish and make a meaningful difference in their chosen professions.

  • Liverpool John Moores University:

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), established in 1823, is known for its practical, career-focused education, which equips students with the skills and information needed to excel in the real world. LJMU encourages strong industry linkages that give vital networking opportunities and easy transitions into professional professions by offering a diverse range of programs in business, science, technology, arts, and sports for a stunning 25,000+ student enrolls.

  • Liverpool Hope University:

At Liverpool Hope University, you may immerse yourself in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. The institution, with its bustling campus and welcoming community, provides a wide choice of programs that promote ingenuity, analytical thinking, as well as individual progress. From visual and performing arts to psychology, literature to history, Liverpool Hope University develops students’ skills and prepares them for successful careers in their fields of study. Within six months after graduation, it is estimated that 91% of Liverpool Hope University alumni have found employment or are considered for higher education.

  • Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA):

Harness your artistic prowess at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), a prestigious institution created by Sir Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone-Witty. With a dynamic curriculum that integrates artistic guidance with academic education, LIPA provides an imaginative and challenging context for ambitious performers, actors, composers, and choreographers to develop their gifts while adhering to their desires.

  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine:

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is at the forefront of tropical medicine research and education, driving innovation and global health initiatives. LSTM, a world-renowned university, provides an unprecedented opportunity for learners passionate about addressing major global health concerns. LSTM provides graduates with the understanding as well as the abilities needed to solve global health concerns via cutting-edge research and a dedication to making a difference.


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For the non-native student community, the property and accommodation are comparatively cheaper than in London. Universities in Liverpool provide dorms on campus that are well-equipped and facilitated. Smithdown Road and Wavertree are two of the most populated destinations for students as they offer a wide range of shops, takeaways, and amenities with the best transport and communication facilities.

The outlets and businesses generally wrap early but window shoppers are kept engaged through street food stalls and marketplaces. International students initially find it difficult to keep up with the Scouse accent but that can be taken care of over time.

College students spend their free time in tourist spots, libraries, museums, and restaurants keeping in mind that the nightlife of Liverpool is worth the experience. The Universities Liverpool also offer participation in clubs and societies to facilitate the academic and extracurricular development of their students and also engage them in career-building soft skills and presentations.


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