A Definitive Guide to the Types of Photography Backdrops

There are a lot of different elements that contribute to the final output of images or projects when it comes to photography. One rather crucial element in photography is the use of backdrops.

Photography backdrops can set up the environment and stage for picture taking. Backdrops can also dictate a lot of associated factors in the preparation. It is important that considering the backdrop to be used be made a priority. Styles and directions on how to do photography backdrop selection can be overwhelming and deciding what to choose can be a tough task. In addition to color and style, implications and processes that come along with the chose photography backdrop must be kept in mind by the photographer. This may include the lighting, subject positioning, and also logistics.

Here we talk about simplified steps in guiding photographers in choosing the backdrop that’s right for every use.

Picking The Right Style of Backdrops

There are a lot of talks about the various available photography backdrops when choosing the next setup for an upcoming shoot. Each of those photography backdrops has its unique characteristics and guidelines for use. From being portable to plush or even to ground backdrops – the possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding which style to take on. Styling a backdrop is a vital aspect in helping convey the message of the image. Listed below are potential photography backdrops to use on the next shooting and the characteristics that make them remarkable.

Fabric Photography Backdrops

Numerous outlets can be expressed in creativity as a photographer when choosing fabric photography backdrops. If a photographer has decided to go with fabric photography backdrops, there are many options available to him such as canvas, muslin, polyester, and velour.

The most notable and common fabric photography backdrop is the canvas. Canvas is versatile on its own and is long-enduring. Canvas photography backdrops are ideal for the studio as opposed to a portable prop as it is thick and weighty. When deciding to use a canvas photography backdrop on the go, make sure to know that the fabric can be wrinkled during transportation.

The average price range for canvas backdrops can be around $150 to $200.

A lot of photographers have changed preference from canvas to muslin photography backdrops. Muslin is lighter than canvas and is easier to transport too. Shooting on location and inside homes favor this fabric as it is easy to assemble and can be draped over various walls and surfaces. Because of the conveniences that muslin photography backdrops provide, their cost can be quite high ranging from an average of $2000.

Velour photography backdrops may be recalled as the background of senior year portraits and the ideal fabric for theatre or stage backdrops for its perfectly light-blending purposes. A major downside to velour photography backdrops is that they often collect dust and dirt faster than other types of fabric due to their texture. Thus, regular cleaning must usually be done to maintain its condition. 

Last but not least in the lineup of fabric photography backdrops is polyester. Polyester is similar to muslin with regards to benefits, it is wrinkle-free and also easy to transport. With the same advantages, photographers are not paying as expensive as muslin photography backdrops.

Collapsible Disc Photography Backdrops

Collapsible discs are portable photography backdrops. They are most preferred by often-traveling photographers who have out-of-studio shoots. This type is one of the easiest to transport. They can be folded flat and are lightweight. On-site photographers have a knack for collapsible discs as photography backdrops because of the creative environment it evokes no matter what theme or color. Another advantage of this photography backdrop is that it is remarkably inexpensive. The average price range is from $150 to $200. A major downside though is their sizes. Collapsible disk photography backdrops are not ideal for lifestyle shots and those involving multiple persons.

Seamless Paper Photography Backdrops

Usually opted to by still life or product photographers, the seamless paper photography backdrops come in various colors and many different sizes. The most common color for seamless paper backdrops is white. Seamless paper is one of the most preferred by influencers of both still photos and videos. This is so because they are inexpensive and can be changed often. The price range may just be about S150 for a heaping roll. It is important to note though that as it is made of paper, it is easy to break and is not durable – so it is not ideal for transport.

Chroma Key Photography Backdrops

Chroma key photography backdrops are usually either green or blue. This allows for easier post-production editing. The screen makes it possible for digital alteration. The subject of the photos can be inserted in many different environments after the capture. This kind of photography backdrop is ideal for those who focus on talent instead of the location. The talent can be done inside the studio while the shots for the location can be captured separately. This does not only lower the costs but also allows photographers to capture superb content instead of spending time transferring from one location to another.

Floor Drop Photography Backdrops

This kind of photography backdrop has gained popularity among photographers shooting newborn, infant, and pet images. The floor drops photography backdrops are perfect for those trying to capture still from an aerial view. 

V-flat Photography Backdrops

V-flats is mainly used as a light reflector. They can also serve as photography backdrops. V-flat photography backdrops are one easy-to-make tool that every photography studio should have. Simply, a V-flat is two large foam boards that are connected (usually by a hinge) together to form the letter V.

Depending on the V-flat source it can range from moderately expensive to extremely expensive at well over $150. It is worth it though considering the multiple uses it has.

Quick Tip on How to Choose the Right Color for Photography Backdrops

The color of the photography backdrop chose has an incredible effect on the lighting, subject framing and it does more than just complementing the image. Photography backdrops color will have a large impact on the creative direction and theme of the photoshoot session. There are several colors to choose from but the most prominent are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Bold colors
  • Texture or scenery
  • Black
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