7 Tips for Hosting a Fun & Informative Conference

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A conference is a gathering of people with the same interests or background, the purpose being; that they interact with each other and discuss issues, ideas, and work that focuses on a common concern. A conference may be physical or virtual and may last one day or several days. There are different types of conferences, including academic, professional associations, training, and issue or problem-related conferences. There are various reasons a conference is organized; therefore, it needs to be fun and informative. Here are some tips that conference organizers may follow:

Set Clear Goals

It is essential to set goals for a conference and know the event’s purpose; this is possible if you plan. Conferences are organized if there is an issue that needs to be examined, the field of work requires a conference, an organization wants to start an annual gathering, if there is a crisis that needs to be addressed, to establish the legitimacy of the field, people may express their desire for a conference from the benefits they get, the founder of the organization may demand it. When hosting a conference, give yourself the gift of time for at least a minimum of six months to get everything in order, like the conference venue, suppliers, entertainment, and speakers. Time allows you to plan, review and check every detail, so you do not risk the unexpected. 

Know the Number of People Attending

After setting clear goals and publicizing the conference, it is essential to know the exact number of people attending. It will help you book a venue for the conference and have a budget depending on the attendees. The difference between 100 and 300 attendees is great to ensure the comfort of everyone. You should ensure everyone finds car parking, people have space to move around, and ensure they enjoy the experience. If you do not know the number of people attending, have a maximum and minimum number to be flexible when booking the conference venue.

Choose the Right Time and Location

When hosting a conference, choosing the right time and location is crucial. Choose a central location that everyone can access, not far from the organization, with ample parking and access to public transport. Conferences take several days; therefore, it is crucial to choose a good location since people require accommodation. Choose a venue close to hotels, eateries, and places to explore. It will make the attendees enjoy their experience at the conference.

Engage Your Audience

During the conference, it is essential to have engaging content. Start by setting in-house rules about several issues like putting phones on silent mode, when to take breaks, and when to start and end the day. Most of the conferences have a theme that makes each of them unique. Give the attendees programs of the conference depending on the number of days. The programs should include the number of speakers, break-out sessions, duration of each session, and the number of days. Mix the sessions for large conferences to allow attendees to learn from experts and their peers. Do assessments to gauge understanding daily.

Provide Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are significant factors to keep the audience happy and have their attention. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be considered when planning. Choose local dishes depending on the venue of the conference. Provide an adequate water supply to boost concentration, especially in the evening sessions. Buffet service is the best choice and always considers different dietary requirements.

Have a Project Team

Delegate and engage your staff when planning for the conference. A group of people helps in brainstorming ideas and makes work easier. Assign each person their tasks and responsibilities, and ensure they fully understand their duties. You could find event staffing services to help create the event. They could help you plan the caterers and event entertainment.

Have a Budget

Organizing a conference tends to be expensive, but having a budget will assist. Break down the costs into budget categories and delegate each to a committed team member. Have a sit down with the team and set prices.


All of these tips are intertwined to have a fun and informative conference. You should pay attention to every detail, from how you welcome the attendees, their stay during the conference, and how the conference ends.


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