7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Wig

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Wigs are trendy nowadays and many people, particularly women, like to wear them. They could make you aesthetically beautiful and at the same time, wigs are very functional. Some people also choose to wear synthetic and human wigs when having hair loss issues, which is why it’s important to pick the perfect one in order to make yourself feel good! 

Many styles of wigs are available now in the market and you must opt for the right ones for optimum results. To help you figure out which wig is perfect for you, we have provided the following things for wig beginners before opting for a wig.

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Wig

1.  Wig Style

The style of the wig will change your look. With this, it is significant that you think about which hairstyle you like. In case this will be the first time you are going to wear a wig, it is better to choose a wig that you are comfortable with. You may also opt for a wig that is closely familiar to your current style. Once you are accustomed to wearing wigs, you may try a wig that is different from your style. This will make you achieve a more appealing and newer look.

2.  Wig Size

The right size means a perfect fit. Be sure to buy a wig that fits your head and you must know the circumference of your head. First, you must try the wig on and know if it comfortably and perfectly fits you. In case, you are buying online, be sure to pick the one with the same circumference as your head. What is good with most of the wigs now is that they also come with straps that could be adjusted based on your size.

3.  Wig Length

One thing that you must decide before buying a wig is its length. If you want to be refreshed in the summer and to look cool and handsome, it is advisable to choose short wigs. Meanwhile, long wigs seem attractive and beautiful too. However, you need to brush it gently always to prevent tangles.

4.  Wig Color

Color gives life to the wig. However, you must choose a color that you are comfortable with. If you are opting for a more natural look, the rooted color or hair color with highlights is a good choice. Meanwhile, if you want to be trendy try the light ash to the blonde color wig. Indeed, it looks sophisticated and classy.

Another thing in choosing a wig color is that the color must blend with your skin tone, which could perfectly suit you.

5.  Wig Cap

Choose a wig cap with good fabric such as the monofilament wig cap style, which is more natural to look at. Likewise, if you want to look your hairline natural, you may opt for lace front cap construction.

6.  Wig Material

Wigs are made from two types of material namely human hair and synthetic fiber hair. If you want a ready-to-wear wig pre-styled, you may opt for a synthetic wig. However, if you want to style your wig, human hair is the best choice.

7.  Wig Use

One important thing to know is the use of a wig. Wigs are designed for certain use. There are some wigs that are appropriate for everyday use, cosplay, costume parties, and other occasions.


Choosing a wig is not that difficult thing. You just figure out those things above and you will be heading for a great wig to wear. Also, keep in mind to opt for a wig that you are most interested in.


Contributed by Gary Song


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