6 Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cozy

We have no doubt that you have done your best to make the living room as cozy as possible. After all, this room takes the center stage of the social life that takes part inside every home. However, there are always new additions to the living room that can improve its overall décor and in most cases, these fixtures do come cheap. We’ll help with the creativity par and list 6 improvements, while all you need to put in is some labor and love for interior design.

Lowering the Seating Area

The couch or the living room sofa is at the center of coziness. We are sure that you have shopped for the best possible sofa on the market but the issue of capacity is hard to deal with. What if you have a large family or you have several friends over and simply run out of seating places?

A kitchen chair that is ushered in can hardly be described as comfortable so you need a better solution. This is where the carpet comes into play. Although you predominantly use it for threading upon, if the living room carpet is soft enough, you can use it as an auxiliary seating area.

A Basket to Get Rid of Clutter

Now that your living room can take up a large number of guests and residents, it’s time to declutter the space. Getting rid of clutter in a single go is easy but it mysteriously bounces back after a few days. In order to counter this problem, we suggest getting a huge and stylish wicker basket. It should be of a neutral color like white and places in the corner of the room, perhaps among the greenery. It would be ideal for storing blankets and an excellent way to get rid of clutter fact in case you have guests coming over.

Installing a Pair of Internal Blinds

Although external blinds are quite efficient when it comes to protecting the inside of the house against the sun, they do not always fit well with the design of the house. The opposite can be said of internal blinds that become one of the most prominent elements when they are down during the summer months. It is companies like Suncoast Shade Sails that create all kinds of internal blinds to fit in with the décor of the living room that the owner has set. Furthermore, internal blinds will help you regulate the amount of light the interior of the house gets.

A Candle Lantern

Ever since electrical light illuminated our lives a little over a century ago, we have been relying on light bulbs to pride us with the necessary amount of lux at night. Although candles have lost their practical purpose, they can still serve a decorative role. Scavenge the attic or a local flea market for vintage lanterns that you can place candles in. Dimming the lights and light.-changing LEDs are interesting but a candle lantern is the best way to romanticize the living room.

Garden Up

We have already mentioned that a small garden or a green corner should make part of the living room’s décor. However, modern apartments often lack enough space so you might want to consider elevating your garden area. A set of vertical planters in one corner of the room will make a huge save on space. Furthermore, if you select the right plant species and cozy-looking planters, you will significantly improve the décor of the living room.

Coffee Table Simplicity

If there was one item inside the living room that homeowners get carried away with, then it’s the coffee table. Getting a fancy coffee table made from cheaper, standard glass is quite dangerous if damaged. In order not to worry whether the glass the coffee table is tempered or not, you can always go for the old. School option: a wooden coffee table. Four leg pieces and two counters are more than enough to store everything you need, like the papers, the remote or a coffee cup.

As you have seen from these 6 examples alone, there are always new ways to make the living room cozier. Whether it’s the internal blinds, decluttering or sticking to classical designs, it is definitively worth it redesigning the living room.


Author Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


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