6 Cheap Home Safety Tips to Consider Before Going on a Holiday

Traveling is all about making new memories and experiencing the beauty of other cultures or lifestyles. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cycling holiday across the country, your drive to experience new things will shape you, and you will return home well-rested and with a full pocket of memories. But, to ensure you won’t find issues or damage on your property when you open the front doors, consider some home safety tips for that unplugged, peace-of-mind vacation.

Stop mail and newspaper deliveries

A mailbox filled with mail or newspapers is a clear sign for burglars that the house is empty. With that in mind, it would be best to put all deliverables on hold until you return home. You can do that by contacting the local post office and informing them about your upcoming vacation.

In addition, don’t order anything from online stores if your packages will arrive while you’re away. Of course, if you don’t want to stop the deliveries, you can ask a trusted neighbour or a friend to empty your mailbox every few days.

Lock all entrances

Ensuring that every entrance is closed is one of the most critical things you need to do before going on a vacation. Secure all windows, garage and front doors and double-check every entrance. Thinking about whether you’ve locked the windows can easily ruin your vacation, meaning it’s always a better option to invest extra time in inspection before you go. You can add an additional layer of security by installing window alarms that will scare away intruders.

Set your outdoor lights on a timer

Another great way to keep the intruders at bay is to set your outdoor lights on a timer. That will create an illusion that somebody is inside and minimise the risks of a robbery. Most intruders tend to invade empty houses, and if your lights are on during nighttime, there’s a chance that no one will try to break into your home.

Don’t post information related to your vacation on social media

When travelling, inform only your close friends and family about your plans. Promoting your vacation online is a clear sign that you aren’t home, which can inspire some people to use this opportunity and break in. In addition, wait until you return home to post your vacation photos and tag the location of your destination. Although there’s a slight chance that someone will try to break in while you’re on vacation, it’s wiser to secure your home from intrusion, be cautious, and forget about sharing all details of your personal life on social media.

Hide the spare keys

Some people tend to keep the spare keys in the backyard or near the front entrance. That way, if they lose or damage their keys, they can safely enter their home. But, as most burglars know where the common hiding places are, they will manage to enter your property effortlessly if they find your keys. 

To prevent that from happening, you should remove all spare keys from your backyard and give them to your friends and family. This method allows your loved ones to inspect your property while you’re away. Still, if you don’t have a spare key, your local locksmith can create a copy. Then, give these keys to your most trusted friends, as they can put your keys in a safe place.

Notify your security company about your vacation plans

Finally, if you have alarms installed in your home, contact your security company and inform them about your travel plans. Then, when something happens, the monitoring support would know that it wasn’t a false alarm, and they’ll send someone right away to inspect your property. In addition, some security companies can improve your home’s security while you’re away, so talk about the available options and upgrade to a better system if necessary.


Every homeowner wants to protect their property at all costs. By making a list of necessary tasks you need to complete before you go on a trip, you will minimise the risk of burglary and property damage. Moreover, engaging your friends and family to visit your home every once in a while can help you enjoy a stress-free vacation and improve your chances of returning to a safe and well-protected home.

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