6 Best Home Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Quality of Life

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Does your new home need to be furnished or is it your long-neglected, unutilized room that you are thinking of furnishing as a guest room? Or better yet, are you bored to death of looking at the same old furniture and lifeless walls and thinking of renovating your place? Yes, you have turned up at the right place. We are your savior angel.

The question often pops up in our minds: how important is a well-furnished/decorated house for bettering the quality of life? It is indeed of the utmost consequence. Since a home is a place where we spend the maximum-if not all- part of our lives, it is only wise that we invest in our homes as much as our capacity allows us to.


Go ahead, take the lead, plan something new, and be the king or queen of your kingdom. “After all, it’s not every day a woman is given a kingdom of dreams.” And follow these 6 hand-picked ideas, which we have amassed after scouring all the archives and consulting with our Top Designers. These ideas are sure to elevate your quality of life by several notches.

  1. Neutral walls:

So, the first off is white walls. Who says white walls can’t be bold? They are, as a matter of fact, anything but dull and boring. In fact, they are arguably the most versatile of paint colors, especially when it comes to that which surrounds our walls. White not only makes the room looks spacious but also provides the best backdrop for wall hangings and canvases.

  1. Sofa/ Couch

When it comes to spending leisure time in the living room, do not compromise on comfort. I repeat, do not compromise on comfort. Undoubtedly, your eyes demand the most modern and chic piece of furniture as your sofa/ couch; placed majestically in the most suitable position in the room. But your back may not. Choose something between comfort and style to accommodate both needs.

  1. Rug

No way! E-shopping would be too bad an idea for a rug. And yes, you can never tell the texture when a computer screen is barring your way. In short to obtain that ultimate look in your room, go for a woolen, cotton, or hair-on-hide rug hand-picked from a supermarket. Preferably Turkish rugs that are all the rage lately; and for a good reason.

  1. Curtains & Drapes

Nothing too glittery or striking will do here. Curtains enshroud one in their calming effect at the same time making for a luxurious and restful environment. Choose from patterned, matching, silk, or neutral curtains. With the right pattern and fabric, they are guaranteed to liven up your room. Pairing your curtains with complementary bed comforters will augment the look of the room.

  1. Antique Furniture

Antiques are unique pieces that have a story to tell and that have stood the test of time. Don’t go running off scared of the antique pieces. Combine what’s old and vintage with something contemporary and modern.

  1. Artwork

No matter what room you are putting together, accessories and decorations are one of the most important things to focus on. The proper use of wall art is a great way to add some flair to your room and put your personal touch on it.

Remember your home is the most immediate space surrounding you and it’s your first inspiration. Keep on changing the look of the rooms whenever you can. You have no idea how pettiest alterations can do wonders. Never settle on one look. ‘… Your home should always be evolving, just as you are. Your nest should always be a place of comfort and inspiration,’ says Kelly Framel, creative director, stylist, and founder of online magazine The Glamourai.


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Julie Austin has authored this post. She loves traveling, home decorating, and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at My Bed Comforter.

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