5 Warning Signs It’s Time To Change Your Mattress

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Comfortably sleeping should be one of the best treats you could give your body. After a long day, you deserve to have a good night’s sleep. While taking a long bath before bedtime could help, your mattress’ conditional take part with how you’ll be able to sleep at night. 

Every mattress has an end date. As unfortunate as it seems, the time will come when you need to replace it. However, if you’re having difficulty finding out if it’s time to go back to mattress shopping, listed below are the warning signs it’s time to change your mattress:  

Waking Up With Back Pain

Having chronic back pain is one obvious sign that you need to change your mattress. Unless you’re practicing poor posture, lifting weights, or doing intense physical activity, your old mattress can cause you back pain as you sleep. The last thing you’d want to happen is to sleep after a tiring day and wake up with intense back pain. 

If you’re experiencing back pain every time you wake up, you should purchase a mattress for back pain relief. And with the innovative technology today, there are plenty of mattress improvements that could help focus on making your back relaxed as you sleep at night.  

Springs Are Noisy

Spring mattresses are one of the most popular mattress types as they can provide great bounce and firmness without being expensive. However, since they use thinner metal to create the perfect bounce, they may tend to break or lose their performance. As the spring breaks due to prolonged use, handling heavyweight, or kids bouncing up and down, you might notice a slight creaking noise every time you try to lay down on your bed, not making it the best mattress for you and your spouse

Once you hear a squeaky sound on your mattress, it’s the perfect time to replace your bed. Not only can it be annoying to listen to every time you make a move, but it can also be a sign of your springs any time soon. You may be surprised to see some springs that’ll pop out, demanding you to replace them immediately.  

Numerous Lumps

Your bed should provide you maximum comfort in every inch possible. No matter how soft your bed’s supposed to be, there should be no lumps present on any part of the mattress. However, if you notice that your bed’s developing areas are deeper than the rest of the bed, it may be a clear sign that you need to purchase a new one.  

Lumps can develop on your mattress if you put too much weight on the same spot for a prolonged time. It could be placing something heavy on top for hours or even days. Moreover, it could also happen from wear and tear as you sleep on the same spot on the mattress for years. Eventually, the materials inside your bed compress and lose their natural bounce.  

Wakes Up With Allergies

Being allergic to dust and other environmental factors can be frustrating, especially since attacks could happen anytime and anywhere, including your mattress. Your bed should be the safest place inside your household, wherein you won’t develop any allergies but rather have a good night of sleep. However, if you’re noticing that you frequently wake up feeling sneezy or teary-eyed, it might be coming from your bed.  

Waking up with allergies could signify that your bed isn’t thoroughly clean at all. It could be homing some dust mites or bed bugs that could harm you as you sleep. While you can always clean your mattress, frequent allergy episodes might demand a mattress update.  

More Than Eight Years Old

A mattress’ life span will only last for only eight to ten years. While you may want to extend its lifespan up to ten years so you can fully enjoy your money’s worth, going for eight years is more advisable, so you can prevent any bed issues before they happen immediately.  

If you’re skeptical about purchasing a new mattress after eight to ten years of use, it might be alright for you to stay in your bed for a few more months. However, you might not be getting the support and comfort you need, and it could be you’re just used to what your bed can offer you. Newer mattresses can now provide additional features such as increased airflow, hypoallergenic, memory foam, and more. With those in mind, you’d be thanking yourself for updating your mattress.

The Verdict

Updating your mattress is essential as it can help you have a great night of sleep. While they can be a bit expensive, they’re worth the investment. If you notice any discomfort and changes in your bed, you should head out to the mattress shop right away and purchase yourself a new bed that can make you feel energized as you wake up the next morning.

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