5 Types of Diseases Caused by Dog Bites and Measures to Take

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Animals are cute creatures but can be harmful at times, especially when it comes to dogs. Canines are a popular pet for many families. From poodles to bulldogs, there are several species found in every home. However, a bite from one of these animals can be dangerous.

A single dog bite is powerful enough to send you to the hospital. In fact, dog bites are the reason for multiple diseases. Therefore, one must be very careful. Dogs may seem like the ideal pet but can be uneasy to manage. If you own a pet, train it and keep it restrained for your safety and the safety of others.

Don’t take a dog bite lightly. The following types of diseases are all caused by a canine’s bite and are life-threatening.

Pasteurella Infection

Dog bites are the leading cause of multiple diseases, but among them, Pasteurella infection is common. The moment a dog bites your leg or any other body part, the infection will transfer into your body through its saliva. You will have a swollen gland and inflamed joints. There will be a problem with movement as well. Thus, visiting the doctor is essential. You will need treatment according to the doctor’s advice.

Medical expenses can be difficult to bear. If you were hurt due to another person’s pet, they should be the ones compensating you. According to expert Chicago dog bite lawyers, “In Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois, a pet owner is liable for any injury caused by their dog.”

So, you have every right to sue a dog owner and seek compensation for all your physical and mental pain if they refuse recompense. On average, dog bites require treatment worth thousands of dollars, and not everyone has enough resources. Sometimes the only solution is to seek legal justice. Once your lawyer wins the case, all your bills will be paid.


Another disease commonly caused by dog bites is rabies. The disease is preventable with the help of a vaccine, but unvaccinated dogs are a massive threat. If a dog isn’t vaccinated, the infection will be transmitted through a scratch or bite. Rabies is by far one of the worst diseases. Initially, people experience mild fevers, lethargy, and headaches. Soon it spreads to the central nervous system. Afterward, it causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.

In some circumstances, people even experience hallucinations or partial paralysis. So, visit a doctor as soon as a dog bites you. If you get tested and vaccinated in time, your body will fight off the infection. Once you feel a little better, you could hire a lawyer and file a petition in court against the wild dog’s owner.

Staph and Strep infections

Along with rabies and the Pasteurella infection, there are staph and strep infections caused by dog bites. A staph infection is the result of staphylococcus bacteria entering a person’s body, bones, and organs. Both of these infections are equally serious and dangerous. In some circumstances, they could prove to be fatal as well. If your body has staph and strep infections, you will see oozing blisters and boils on your body. In addition to blisters, you will experience joint swelling and high fever.

The only way to fight off the disease is by getting timely medical help. If you see any unusual discharge from your wound or feel uneasy, visit a doctor.


You could also get Capnocytophaga from a dog bite. The problem usually starts with symptoms like blistering, redness, swelling, and pain around the wound. There will even be a liquid oozing from your wound, followed by a high fever, vomiting, and joint pain.

The symptoms take one to fourteen days, and the intensity keeps increasing. If you don’t visit a medical professional in time, you could experience kidney failure, a heart attack, or gangrene.
So, a hospital visit is a must. They will prescribe antibiotics and other medication to treat the problem. Ignoring the matter will make your life worse.


Often people take dog bites lightly, but they make a huge mistake. Dogs have several bacteria and germs in their saliva. The moment they bite, any dangerous virus could enter your bloodstream and affect your entire body.
If you don’t get treatment, it could lead to sepsis. Most people are unaware, but sepsis is a severe reaction to an infection that puts your life at risk.

So, if you feel your body temperature changing, and experience confusion, daytime sleepiness, or discomfort, there is a high chance your body might have the disease. You must visit the doctor to get relevant antibiotics and intravenous fluids.

Dog bites damage you in more than one way. Without medical help, you are at constant risk. The only solution is to visit an experienced doctor. Once you get well, you could take legal help to punish the pet’s owner who put you in such a state.


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