5 Things That Bring Your Commercial Building Back to Life

It’s easy to get tenants into a brand-new property, but the same can’t be said for aging buildings. Even a few decades is enough time to make a structured look and feel outdated even if it’s still perfectly fine. That’s why commercial property owners should consider a few upgrades and changes to bring their building back to life as it gets older.

Modernize Utilities

There are several things that commercial tenants care about when choosing a property and modernizing the utilities helps with all of them. For example, a more effective and efficient HVAC system in the building improves the quality of life in the space and cuts down on operating costs simultaneously. These are both metrics property owners should use to encourage new tenants to come.

Consider Air Quality

Air quality is related to utilities, but is still a separate concern. Installing an air filtration system to control dust and allergens can be a strong selling point. It’s not only a healthy choice but also one that can improve the first impressions of those walking in the front door.

Install a New Roof

Even commercial roofing doesn’t last forever. There are a lot of good reasons for tenants to care about the condition of your building’s roof. First, it plays a major role in how people perceive the building. It also influences operating costs depending on the level of energy efficiency.

Add Some Amenities

Everyone likes amenities. Even though they are no substitute for essential services, they can make the building a lot more appealing. Amenities can be as simple as vending machines and water fountains in the lobby. Property owners that want to take things a little further have a lot of options to consider, like dedicating some of the building as communal space for fitness or lounging.

Update Building Security

Every business owner worries about security to some extent. Whether it’s protecting information, and assets or just preserving peace of mind, it’s important that workspaces remain secure 24 hours a day. A modern digital security system with cameras and automated alerts along with the best welded wire fence is the minimum for security solutions. Larger buildings or campuses usually have dedicated security personnel as well to keep things safe. 


No matter what strategies you choose to upgrade your building, it’s important to remember that it’s all about the tenants. When in doubt, ask current or prospective tenants what they would change if they could. Use this information to invest in improvements that have real value and appeal to the target audience.

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