5 Most Common Foot Conditions that Need a Big Toe Box in Shoes

We all know that shoes are essential, no matter if you are an athlete or barely move around. We need good arch support, a snug fit, and plenty of wiggle room for our toes. But what if you have a foot condition? Do you have to suffer and feel uncomfortable walking around?

No way!

Toe spacers and wide-toe box shoes can provide the perfect solution for those with wide feet and those suffering from foot conditions that make regular shoes a pain to wear. This blog post will discuss the five most common foot conditions that require a big toe box in shoes.


A hammertoe is a deformity that causes your toe to curl under the joint, causing it to resemble a hammer. This happens due to an imbalance in the muscles, tendons or ligaments in the toe that generally holds it straight. Hammertoes can be extremely painful as they put pressure on the toe and make wearing shoes feel like torture.

Wide-toe box shoes offer plenty of room for your toes, can take the pressure off, and help relieve some of the pain.


A bunion happens on the big toe, where it turns inward towards the second toe, causing a lump on the side of your foot. When the bunion area rubs against shoes, it can become difficult to walk due to the pain. Like hammertoes, it’s caused by an imbalance in the muscles, tendons, or ligaments but can sometimes also be hereditary.

Wearing shoes with a wide toe box will help reduce the pain as they won’t rub against your bunion and will give you some much-needed relief.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia supports almost all aspects of your feet, from the arch to the ball of your foot. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes heel issues and usually happens because of being on your feet too often or injury. Injuring it can cause widespread stability issues.

Wearing shoes with a wide toe box can help take the pressure off your heel and provide the arch of your foot with much-needed help to ease the pain when walking around.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis causes the Achilles tendon to become inflamed. This can happen due to overuse, tight calf muscles, or flat feet. The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to your heel and helps you point your foot downwards.

Wearing shoes that don’t offer space for the Achilles tendon to extend fully can cause it to shorten, leaving it open to overly stretch and tear when doing physical activity. 

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma causes pain and numbness in your toes due to a build-up of tissue around the nerve that runs between your toes. This condition is most often caused by wearing shoes that are too tight and placing unneeded pressure on your foot’s ball.

Wearing shoes with a wide toe box will help reduce the pressure on the nerves and provide your foot to distribute your weight across more of your foot instead of just the ball.

As you can see, many foot conditions can be painful and challenging to deal with daily. But wearing wide-toe box shoes can help ease the pain and make your life a little bit easier. So next time you’re out shopping for shoes, keep these conditions in mind and pick up a pair of wide-toe box shoes to help keep your feet healthy and pain-free.


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