5 Keys to Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments for Your Home

Skillful use of window treatments can make a big impact on the interior design of your rooms. A number of different factors influence the type of window treatment you should use, including size of room, size of windows, use of light and temperature variation. Today, many different types of window treatments are available, which can make the choice confusing. Here are five factors you should keep in mind when choosing your home’s window treatments.

Décor Style

Decorating style influences the choice of window treatments significantly. A casual style will require lighter fabrics or alternative materials. If you prefer more traditional décor, heavier drapery materials with more classic hardware may be the better option. If you like an eclectic look that mixes materials and styles, you can choose any number of window treatments, depending on how well it will fit into the overall look. Color and texture will also have a bearing on how your window treatments influence the complete design, as well.


Your budget may also affect your choice of window treatments. Fabric window treatments can be the most economical and can provide the greatest variety of looks for your room. However, types of fabrics can vary widely and can quickly become expensive. Vinyl blinds are also among the most inexpensive window treatments and offer color and size options. Wood and metal blinds are higher in price. Shutters are on the higher end of window treatment pricing but will last for many years.


You can find window treatments in a range of traditional materials, and some materials you didn’t expect. Cloth is still the most commonly used material for window draperies and can be installed with a number of different hardware types. Window blinds are available in vinyl, metal and wood. Window shades come in a variety of textures and colors and can be an interesting way to decorate your room.


Window shutters provide an interesting look for rooms and can be used with both traditional and casual decorating styles. Shutters come in a number of different materials and can be stained, painted or tinted in colors that match or contrast with your décor palette. A slight difference in the tone of the wall color is an attractive way to add window shutters to your room.


Today’s window blinds come in an array of slat sizes, colors and materials. Window blinds can provide a clean, uncluttered look for rooms that fits in well with modern décor styles. Blinds are easy to care for and allow you to adjust the amount of natural light in rooms throughout the day.

Choosing the right window treatments for your room takes thought and a bit of research. You can find a wide variety of these items, and each one creates a different look and mood. Looking through magazines and on Internet can help you find ideas that will suit your home décor. You can then refine your ideas into a working plan by using these 5 strategies.

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