5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Installers Near Me

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Choosing solar energy installers can be daunting with so many options out there. Ask friends, neighbors, and business colleagues for referrals.

Be sure to get a site survey, an initial consultation, and a pricing quotation from each company on your list. Look for local businesses as they are more familiar with the county rebates, requirements, and regulations.


When choosing solar contractors, find a company that is local and well-established. They differ from national companies and are driven by profits and the bottom line. Local installers’ customers are neighbors, and community service is a core value.

Look for solar installers near me who provides you with an informative and consultative solar experience. Ask about the different types of solar panels, their benefits, and costs. They should also provide details on your state incentives and how to claim them.

Check the solar company’s website for customer reviews and testimonials. Ensure that they are MCS accredited and a member of the Solar Trade Association. Also, ask about their employee welfare. Happy and inspired employees are likelier to do their best work for their clients.


Your solar system is a 30+ year investment; you want to ensure it’s installed correctly. Ask your installer how long they have been in operation and if they have the qualifications to show it.

Look for certifications like a Construction Contractor’s License (like in Oregon) and a NABCEP Certification Number. Also, a reputable solar company will be eager to share the names of their direct installation crew.

They should be proud to explain the experience and backgrounds of their technicians. A local company with in-house crews usually responds more to customer needs than those who outsource the design and installation process. In contrast to many national firms that view solar as a commodity, they are motivated by the desire to improve their local communities. You can check out this website at https://solarbypeaktopeak.com/ to make sure you pick a competent solar panel installer because these central national installers frequently prioritize number over quality and have shorter warranties.


Many solar companies offer financing to help make a new energy system more affordable. They may work with many lenders or even in-house financing departments to get customers the money they need to complete their installation projects.

Reputable solar businesses will conduct a site evaluation and provide a comprehensive proposal explaining your energy needs, how much a system costs, and your electricity cost savings over time. Pick the ideal proposition for your home by comparing these suggestions to see how they differ.

The best solar installers are flexible with their contracts and will help you find a solution that fits your home. If you opt for a lease or PPA, read the agreement carefully. Some companies charge hefty fees for homeowners who want to exit the contract early.


Regarding home improvement projects, most homeowners can tell whether a contractor is professional and trustworthy by reading online reviews and looking at references. However, selecting a solar installation company can be much more complicated.

Some solar power installers offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but the best solar installation companies will visit your home and examine your energy needs. They can design a custom solar system suited to your budget and energy goals.

To help you find the best installer for your unique solar energy needs, 


Manufacturer warranties on the different components in a solar power system are separate from quality warranties offered by the installer. It’s essential to understand what can void these warranties.

A good warranty offers protection from the unexpected, saving you money in the long run. It should also provide a guarantee on the installation process.

During the initial consultation, a company representative will review your utility bills and determine your energy needs. They’ll also survey your roof to check its structural integrity, available space, pitch, and shading.

A reputable solar contractor will offer a labor warranty, and their work should be guaranteed. You can also file a claim under your homeowner’s insurance if necessary. If a problem arises, you can seek advice from the local solar trade association.

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