5 Fashion Tips to Look Super Cute on a Picnic

Who doesn’t love picnic season- the sun’s warmth on your skin, delicious snacks on the picnic blanket, and having a good laugh with your date, family, or friends are as good as an outdoor outing can get. Whatever the occasion for the picnic, one of the most obvious concerns is always your attire- what should you wear to get that adorable picnic aesthetic you have in mind?

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Being at a crossroads when deciding what to wear is expected. Finding the perfect outfit is always a challenge, but with the help of our fashion tips, you can easily execute the super cute look you wanted for your picnic.

Don’t forget the jewelry

Cue Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in the background. The fashion icon that she was, Marilyn knew what she was talking about- however, it is not only diamonds but jewelry itself that is a woman’s beloved companion. Your jewelry can play a huge role in your overall look, like a piece of a puzzle falling into place to make the whole outfit make sense. 

However, with so many different types and styles of jewelry, it can be hard to find the pieces that complement your outfit perfectly. If you make the wrong jewelry choice, it could ruin the entire look. 

Always think of what fits well with your clothes, the occasion, or the activity when choosing your jewelry pieces. Just as a thick choker would not go well with your professional look, wearing elaborate diamond earrings may not coordinate with your picnic outfit. Outdoor picnics under the sun demand an adorable style, and nothing says cute like simple and delicately detailed jewelry pieces. For your next picnic outing, check out some unique and cute bee earrings. Delicate jewelry, as such, will be able to tie in everything you have on and turn it into a well-coordinated picnic ensemble.

Dresses, dresses, and DRESSES

Come on, if you haven’t yet thought of wearing a floral patterned dress to a picnic, you have to start thinking about it now. Mid-length summer dresses are an elite style option when getting ready for a picnic. Not only are they cute, but they fit the whole I’m-making-the-best-of-my-summer vibe perfectly. The feminine, light, and trendy feel of summer dresses give your outfit an adorably romantic look- perfect for a date with nature. If you are readying an outfit for a fall picnic, a long-sleeved dress with knee-high boots can be perfect for your picnic aesthetic. 

However, not everyone is a dress enthusiast, which is perfectly normal. If you wish to go for a picnic outfit that doesn’t involve a dress, you can still consider many other outfits. 

Shorts: simple but still cute

Shorts are a go-to for casual picnic outings- they are cute, hassle-free, and easy to pair with almost any type of top. Pair your shorts with some cute jewelry and an even cuter top, and you’ve got yourself an adorable look for your under-the-sun outing. 

Fitted tops work best with boxy shorts if you want to show off your silhouette- even better, go for a crop if you are comfortable exposing your midriff. If casual and comfortable is your preferred style, biker shorts with an oversized T-shirt or sweatshirt will make for the cutest outfit.

Don on a hat

Let’s talk about the main picnic accessory of all: hats. Going to a picnic without your straw hat should be considered a fashion vice. The entire purpose of these hats is to wear them during summertime- what is the point of having one if you won’t use it for a summer picnic? Not only are straw hats super cute and elegant, but they also protect you from the sun. And the best part? They work with everything! Dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans- hats go well with each.

Style with other accessories

We have talked about the jewelry and the hats, but that is not where accessories start and end. There are many different accessories and ways to style them to get your perfect picnic look. 

Most people consider accessories the last thing to consider when planning an outfit. The “put on whatever you can find at the last minute” mindset is often the reason behind the downfall of a potentially cute ensemble. Complementary accessories can do wonders to elevate your whole look.

Think scarves, bandanas, headbands, and bags. A scarf can go with about any style of clothing and take it to another level- go for soft, patterned, and bright scarves for the whole “picnicky” feel. Don’t hesitate to add a bandana or a headband if it makes you look cuter. As for bags, a tote or a backpack will be handy and practical for your picnic outing while aligning with the vibe you are aiming for.


Fashion is very subjective- what works for most people may not work for you, which is normal. There are no strict fashion rules you are bound to follow, only popularly tried-out tips that can help you dress better. If you still struggle to find the right fit for your picnic outing, don’t hesitate to experiment and try out new combinations. You may stumble upon a fit that caters to your style and makes you happy. At the end of the day, it is your satisfaction you should be after instead of the world. So try to explore fashion until you can be your different and true self.

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