4 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Personal Spa

Are you dreaming of your own personal yet relaxing space where you can unwind in solitude? Your bathroom is a great place to start. Your renovations don’t have to take the entire room down, just a few fixes and you can start enjoying the spa experience in your own home. This piece will focus on four ways that will transform your bathroom space into the ultimate home spa comfort.

Install a Massage Shower Head

Not having a soaking tub shouldn’t discourage you from achieving your ultimate goals. Your time may also be too limited to use the soaking tub regularly despite owning a tub. You might consider giving your plumber a call for the massage shower head installation. The massage shower head is designed to offer various functionalities. You will have the chance to turn everyday shower into a spa experience.

Introduce Calming Scents

What’s a spa without the calming scents to help you de-stress? Aromatherapy transforms the bathroom experience by boosting relaxation, evoking emotions and relieving stress. Throwing in scented soap, bathing gels, essential oils along with some scented candles, are the easiest ways to set the mood when transforming your bathroom space into a personal spa. There’s a wide array of scents to choose from including jasmine, lavender or vanilla depending on your taste, preferences, and moods.

Invest in a Good Speaker

Music heals the soul, and you could use it as a tool in the bathroom. Invest in a good waterproof speaker and calm music for bath meditation. Music will help you get into the mood as you enjoy the spa experience in solitude. A Bluetooth speaker does the trick as you will choose the desired playlist from your phone and play while enjoying your personal time.

Upgrade Your Towels

Apart from regular drying use, towels also pair up as part of the spa decor. Upgrade your towels into fancy pieces that will change the look of your bathroom at first sight. If you feel like going an extra mile, you may consider bringing in a towel-warming drawer in your space. Warm towels are an inexpensive spa tool that could help you warm up after a bath especially during cold weather or after long hot showers or body soaks.


With these four changes in your bathroom, you will enjoy the benefits of spa treatment in your home. Coming home every day to a private relaxation oasis is priceless.

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