4 Tips for Having Better Success With Your DIY Demolition

Planning a home demolition requires a schedule and a budget. You can save time and money by lining up everything you need in advance so that when you’re ready to start the work, there won’t be any delays. Here are a few tips to help your demolition go smoothly.

Prepare the Equipment

Do an inventory of all the tools you already have as well as those you still need. Make sure the equipment is clean and has all the needed parts handy. You don’t want to waste time later looking for the right drill bit or running to the store for batteries. If you need to rent a tool, call in advance and reserve it. Pick it up before demolition day to make sure you have what you need to start. Clean up the equipment after each use to ensure it is ready the next time you need it.

Buy Materials and Supplies

Get all the cleaning supplies and needed materials before you start demolition. Look for sales or rebates and apply for a contractor’s account that can save money if you’re eligible. Organize everything in the shed or garage so you can do things as you need them. Place the larger items in front to access them without having to maneuver around the smaller items.

Set up a Removal System

Schedule one or two dumpsters or as many as needed to be delivered a day or two before work begins. That way you can double-check the dumpster sizes to be sure they are correct. Clear a path from the house to the dumpsters to enable debris to get quickly and safely where it belongs. Have a broom, shovel, and other tools and equipment ready to use for clearing dust and chips after moving the large pieces of debris to the dumpsters. Maintain a clean workspace to avoid a bigger mess later.

Assign Appropriate Tasks

Whether working with family and friends or a professional crew, assign the right person to each job. Make sure everyone knows what to do and how to do it. Provide safety equipment and clear guidelines about what needs to be done. If someone is unsure about doing something, switch that person to another job and let a more experienced worker handle the task at hand.

Demolition can be a smooth and speedy process when you are prepared. Take a few days before the work starts to get everything you need for the job. With the right tools and people in place, the work should proceed without difficulty.

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