4 Reasons Children as Young as 7 Years Old Should Visit the Orthodontist

Contributed by Hannah Whittenly 

When you have children, there are all kinds of expenses to keep in mind. One of the biggest is their oral health. Even before their teeth come in, you should be thinking about them getting braces. Here are four reasons children as young as seven should visit the orthodontist.


When a child is 7 years old, they’ll have lost at least a few baby teeth and had some permanent ones. This won’t give a complete picture of what their teeth will be like in the future. However, it can definitely help with forecasting. An orthodontist can take a look at your child’s developing teeth and determine if they’ll need braces in the future. They can also help with telling you when exactly they should be receiving them.


Some people get braces as young as eight or nine. Others get them as teenagers, and others get them in adulthood. There’s no perfect time for everyone. A visit to the orthodontist can help you decide how imperative braces are. If your child still has plenty of baby teeth to lose, then they’ll need to wait. However, if they have almost all of their permanent teeth in, it could be time for braces.

Forecasting Problems

Your child’s teeth might seem like they have no issues, but a second opinion is always important. An orthodontist can examine their teeth and make a nuanced prediction of what could happen to them. This could include overbites or extreme gaps developing in the front teeth. From there, you can make the best decision possible for your child and their teeth. This kind of planning ahead is crucial. A delay in treatment could be a real problem.

Saving Money

Braces are expensive, but would you rather incur the expense with years of planning or only a few weeks? If your child is likely going to need braces, then you should be saving money right away. You should also have a fund set aside for these expenses even before you visit the orthodontist. Every little bit counts so much. When the time comes for your child to receive their braces, you’ll be relieved you didn’t dawdle on saving.

The future of your children largely depends on you. They depend on you to make the right decisions for them as they grow up. By bringing them to an orthodontist, such as those with Williams Landing Dental Clinic, early, you can set their teeth on the right track.

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